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Performance Management Systems 

What is Performance?

Delphis, Inc. is a Performance Consulting Firm specializing in improving organizational performance in support of business needs.  Performance is what people must do if business goals are to be achieved.  Delphis provides services that assist in changing or improving performance.


About Performance Problems

Most performance problems result from multiple causes.  For individuals to perform successfully, they must have the required skills and knowledge along with a supportive work environment.

Performance interventions may include:
What kind of performance improvement is possible?

  • Training Systems
  • Operations Consulting
  • Organizational Development
  • Workforce Management
  • Measurement, Assessment, and Evaluation
  • Management Development
  • Technology Transfer
  • 200% increase in production
  • 30% reduction in production costs
  • 90% reduction in defect rate
  • 50% inventory reduction
  • 75% reduction in customer claims/returns
  • The virtual elimination of accidents and incidents

Performance Management

  • forming performance and competency models

  • identifying performance gaps

  • determining the causes of performance gaps

  • consulting with management on business and performance needs

  • measuring the impact of training and non-training actions taken to change performance

  • proactively identifying performance implications for future business goals and needs