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Technical Training & Documentation

Improving productivity and performance is a two-step process.

  • First, the process or system must be stabilized and documented.

  • Second, the people who operate and maintain the equipment must be trained and certified.


We specialize in helping our clients solve problems where people interact with processes, systems, machines and other people.  The key to our success is a proven method of engineering performance for jobs in which the work is observable, such as equipment operation and repair, sales, customer services, laboratory operations, manufacturing operations, or quality assurance.


Our process is based upon these key principles:

  • Identify and describe excellent performance

  • Standardize work methods and procedures

  • Document work methods and procedures in an easy-to-use graphic format

  • Train the employees how to perform their job tasks and activities in a standardized way

  • Certify work performance by hands-on skill demonstration

  • Implement Continuous Improvement Programs as insurance against losing the competitive edge


Our rationale

In partnership with your staff, we design, develop, and implement systems which optimize performance, eliminate variability, streamline the process, and provide employees with the skills and knowledge that enable the process to be self-sustaining.



Training Services

Documentation Services

  • Needs Analysis
  • Task Analysis
  • Job Analysis and Design
  • Curriculum design
  • Training Materials Development
  • Instructor/Facilitator Guides
  • Multimedia/CBT
  • Workshops
  • Technical Manuals
  • Software/System Documentation
  • Job Aid Design and Development
  • Laboratory Procedures


How do we work?

We begin by first meeting with senior staff to determine their perception of the problem and the needed solution.  We then conduct a study of the operation to determine the facts so that an objective evaluation can be made, the problem assessed, and a solution formulated.

At the completion of our assessment, we prepare and present a detailed study report that quantifies the problem as to its impact on the organization.  The study report also presents a logical, cost-effective solution to eliminating the factors inhibiting effective performance.  Our report also includes a timetable, costs, and a project approach for implementing the solution.



We understand your need for immediacy.  Most of the projects we undertake are completed in 90-120 days.  Larger projects, of course, take longer to complete.  Periodic project reviews provide you with consistent feedback concerning project progress.