In August of 1998, a group of people from the alt.games.diablo newsgroup got together via an email by Kaymen and created and started meeting on battlenet  in the channel Justus.  That little group has grown now and the channel has evolved into a well respected channel, where people feel comfortable meeting others for games and just chatting.

Justus is a channel comprised of people from the newsgroup and people that have heard about us via word of mouth.  We are an anti-PK group, but support all types of other game styles.  PK's are not welcome on the channel.

We strive very hard to keep the channel open and under control.  As with anything, there is no 100% guarantee, however if you chat there for a bit, you will usually see people you recognize from the newsgroup or from Tony's Honorable Non-PK list.  Since we do support varied game styles, it's always a good idea to state what type game you're interested in.  If you prefer not to have non-legits in your game, just ask for legits only. All participants in JustUs are expected to be honorable, therefore, if you ask for legit only players, that is what you should receive.

A question of honor.  The best definition of this was said by Tony McElrea, the keeper of the Honorable players list. "Honorable means does not steal or kill others or hog all of spoils, etc."  JustUs is an honorable non PK channel.

Because of the popularity of the channel, and the influx of some people who do not read the newsgroup and know our playing styles and preferences, those of us who op the channel have developed a  list of definitions and rules.

What we are:

An Honorable Non-PK channel.
A group of co-operative players
Mostly comprised of people from the alt.games.diablo newsgroup and those they have invited
We are a PRIVATE channel.

What we do not allow:

The official masters of Justus have final say on infractions.  They spend many hours keeping the channel open and a nice place to hang out.  It's a lot of hard work on their parts and they don't get paid for it. Do not assume that kicking and banning are the only choice when a situation arises. Oftentimes the channel members handle situations very well without having a gavel in hand.  Maturity and good sense go a long ways towards keeping the peace.

Official channel operator is SR'sJustusBot which is a Subbot and supports many operators so that there is usually someone on that can operate the bot and deal with problems. If you see the bot without ops and you have them, please designate SR'sJustusBot as operator. In most cases, you will end up becoming a Bot operator for you kindness and dedication to the channel.

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NO unknown bots are allowed to *idle* (meaning leaving your character or bot there unattended.) These will be removed.
If you want to leave your bot in the channel, the masters of the channel should be set as master on your bot so if we lose ops they can tell your bot to leave so we can regain ops.
Inappropriate or offensive character names not allowed (this is based on any complaints we may receive about a nick.)
Be careful what you say in the channel, most of those bots are logging the conversation so assume that anything you say will be heard even if someone is not currently at the keyboard. If you want privacy, whisper or go to another channel.
If you have a problem with someone, please work it out privately or find a neutral party to help you deal with the situation.
Accusations of dishonor while the party concerned is not there to defend him/herself is discouraged in open channel. Please whisper to one of the bot master if someone has acted dishonorable so that his/her status on the channel may be reviewed.
NO spamming and this includes bot greetings.
NO guild recruitment.
Turn off op bots. Only the official channel bot should respond to the command prefix ! , you may set your bot to respond to other prefixes.
Pk's not allowed. PERIOD.  Known PK's will be exposed on the newsgroup and routinely banned from the channel.