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Ask Jeeves     -     "The important thing is not to stop questioning."

This friendly and clever little service is equally POWERFUL.... Go Ahead, "Ask Jeeves" anything, as long as it's "kosher"!  The Butler may not have "done it", but he'll quickly get back to you with information on who did! Check It Out HERE:
Type a question and click "Ask!"
       -     "Good questions outrank easy answers."

Check Out MY Expert Profiles in Business Promotion, Public Relations and Fund Raising At, And Ask ME a QUESTION !  And I won't mind a BIT if you find a BUNCH of other Experts whose brains you also want to pick!

Check It Out HERE:

And you MUST already know, it's my goal to inspire you to get on the stick, and Sign Up your own Bad Self as an Expert in YOUR areas of choice!  This Site will keep you busy, and, hopefully, help you continue to build a quality reputation for "knowing your STUFF" among 1000's of potential freelance peers.

First of all, anyone can visit and Post a Question about ANYTHING they would like to know something, or something MORE, about!  And if you'd like to make money and earn points for ANSWERING questions, you may register for as many subject areas as you like, adjust your profile for each, view the many "open questions" posted in search of an expert, and even make bids to be the inquirent's hired expert!  This program has a LOT of features, and is very easy to customize.  

Check It Out HERE:

InfoRocket            -     "He who asks a question is a fool for five minutes; he who does not ask a question remains a fool forever." -Chinese Proverb
Much like the other "You're The Expert" type Sites, you can both ANSWER and ASK questions of other "experts" here at InfoRocket.  These guys haven't decide to make me an affiliate, yet, (sniff, sniff) but I wouldn't let that keep me from sharing the "scoop" with YOU.  This site is a lot of fun, and there is the potential for pleanty of earnings on-hand, here, too.  
So, tell them that "ReliableDoree" (or Doree Taylor at sent you, and maybe they'll soon realize they NEED me as an affiliate, TOO!  You can cruise this Site for a good curious while...  Look up my Profile for fun, if you like, too!  
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Check It Out  HERE:

InsightExpress                          -     "Ask For The Information You Need From Your Customers and Following"
Imagine a service that reduces your risks, cuts your costs, and speeds your time to market.That's InsightExpress-The Internet's first fully automated, Web-based, market research, and insight delivery system.
Create a survey in minutes, target your current and potential customers, and assess their opinions in just a few hours. All at a cost you can put on a credit card. Get the knowledge you need to make more informed decisions. From end to end, InsightExpress makes consumer contact direct, easy, and affordable (though, sorry folks, NOT for Free!). These Surveys are quick to create, a breeze to personalize, and....the insight is priceless!  

Click On The
Check It Out HERE:

MBS Internet Research Center          -Professional Survey and Research Services designed to help your business GROW!

Learn who your customers are, Locate them, Find out what they want, Find out how they find you, Get more of their business -- Increase sales! Take a look at the superior Customized Services available at MBS, and put in for a quote before you spend a penny!  
Check It Out HERE:

Zoomerang          -Do your OWN "feasibility studies"!       
I belong to this service and have taken a couple of very interesting Surveys, written by people "like us" , in the process of "investigating" their ideas,and seeking peer, or potential customer/user opinion. The "punch" inside Zoomerang is that YOU  can go in and customize your own survey on any topic, and define your desired respondent demographics, too.  Then these helpful folks  actually publish your Survey, send E-Mail invites to registered panelists who match your"requested respondents" profile, and even help you sort out the results--what it all means to you!
You may be invited to participate in other registered member's Surveys, as well, for which you earn both money and spending points. Participation in others' Surveys is entirely voluntary, of course, and does not affect use of the Survey Creating/Publishing services. On top of all this,it's a MyPoints "child".  MyPoints is one of the NICEST Rewards Programs on the Web, as you'll find out, and Zoomerang sports a MyPoints "wing", which is also very NICE!  
 Check It Out HERE:
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