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"You're The EXPERT, So Speak Up!"
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Lunartic          -As far as Paid E-Mail Programs go, these guys honestly have a very unique concept all their own!  And you can earn money sharing what you know....
I've done a lot of snooping around Lunartic, and I like it a lot!  First of all, these Pay-To-Read E-Mails are actually short (only 250 words each) "newsletters".  Rather than merely selecting "interest categories", you sign up up for the specific newsletters you would like to see --and you'll know how often to expect them, too.  Some are daily, others are weekly, monthly, on so on. AND, the advertisers presented for your selection aren't only the "big money" Internet Businesses -- they're Entrepreneurs like us!
So now you've guessed the next part -- YOU can apply to sign on as an "author" at Lunartic, too, if you want to, which  increases both your income through the Program and your overall exposure on the Internet!  Neat, huh?!?
Take a look at MY own Lunartic Newsletter, while you're signing up for things there!  You'll find it under the Business, Finance and Economy Category --  and remember, while you're getting PAID to read it, you'll also be helping support my efforts, AND ReliableSOURCE!   My particular newsletter is for those interested in making money as a Mystery Shopper, and will also feature other Marketing Research opportunities as we go along.  The first edition will be published Monday, August 28, 2000, so sign up right away!  If you come along after that, and would like to see the past issues, just E-Mail me, and I'll let you know how to get them!  Here's a brief description:
Mystery Shopper's Handbook
"Pro Tips & Info To Help You Succeed As A Professional Service Evaluator"
Get tons of information on how how to get started in Mystery Shopping, where to go for leads, how to apply to WHICH companies, how to write an effective Service Evaluation and MORE!  You can make good money as a Mystery Shopper -- and you should NEVER PAY to GET WORK!!!   Subscribe to this weekly newsletter, and see for yourself... Especially for "newbies" -- but you "old  salts" may like some of the info, too!
Whether or not you're interested in my newsletter, you'll find a marvelous selection of very interesting "LunarMail" -- it's "all quality" and it all pays, so.....
Check It Out HERE:

NavBuddy          -This Service has just LAUNCHED, and it looks like a lot of fun, PLUS the REWARDS sound very Promising.  I'm Already "in"!
Just because they're "Brand New" ...  Don't "write 'em off"!   The Site appears to have a very well-conceived Program in mind, that will soon be providing both an Excellent Consumer Service, AND a Unique Opportunity for Recognition and Rewards among the Active Web Site Reviewers. They will pay you while you surf the Internet. You make money by anonymously giving your opinions, up to $50 for participating in an online research panel - and the best part is that you don't have to buy anything and you don't have to deal with annoying ad banners.  Every month, you can win great prizes, like a laptop computer.  If "Doing Reviews" is your "Bag", SIGN UP RIGHT NOW.
  My NavBuddy Username is

Click On The
Buddy "Gone Bananas"
Check It Out HERE:

InfoMarkets     -A New "You're The Expert" Site That Has JUST LAUNCHED!

Because Everyone's an Expert at Something...

This Site connects information seekers with real people who have the answers.  Real People like YOU!  Registering as an Expert is simple, and you get PAID for sharing your knowledge.  

After you're Approved, you can flesh out your Expert Profile
 as much as you care to, which is another wonderful way to
 promote yourself and your Business!

You bid to answer the questions you choose to, at a price YOU feel your knowledge and time are worth.  You deliver the actual answer only when your offer is selected by the seeker. Once your answer has been accepted, you get paid the price agreed upon during the earlier bidding process.

 You OWN your answers, too, and can re-use or re-sell them as you choose.  So answering questions can become a good workshop for getting those E-Zine and Article ideas in your head to
begin taking real shape!

And you don't need to spend your time "checking in"
 at InfoMarkets a whole lot, unless you want to!  You can easily
set up your Profile to be notified by E-Mail, when there are new questions posted which match your specified categories. You may also stipulate the minimum "question dollar value" you will consider
working for, so you don't get sent questions for which
the seeker is hoping to pay less than you wish to earn.
There are numerous Sites similar to InfoMarkets.
I'm registered as an Expert at many, and most of them offer
very good services, really. But honestly?

THIS is the ONE
where I actually make
a nice little "side income",
on a weekly basis...

Click On The
Bat and Ball
Check It Out HERE:     -Web Site Search Made Relevent!
I am a reviewer at, a new Web search engine that has developed self-teaching technology in order to provide better search results. pays me for reviewing websites, and for finding other people who want to become an editor or a reviewer at If you have a favorite web site that you would like to add to, or if you are interested in earning some extra cash, please register at and use my referral id: ReliableDoree. If you "click through" using one of the two links below, my ID is automatically "entered". The First one here is for you to use for "searching" to see what Sites are already "listed". and the next one will take you straight to the HotRate Web Site!

Check It Out HERE:          -"There's No Such Thing As A Stupid Question." --Especially not when you're being PAID To Answer It!
This Site will keep you busy, and hopefully help you continue to build a quality reputation for "knowing your STUFF" among 1000's of potential freelance peers. You may register for as many subject areas as you like, and adjust your profile for each, view the many "open questions" posted in search of an expert, and even make bids to be the inquirent's hired expert!  This program has a LOT of features, and is very easy to customize.  Check It Out HERE:
Check Out My "AskMe" Profile And

Epinions     -     "The Site Where Real People Submit Real Consumer Opinions, And Get Paid...just for telling others what they THINK!"
This Site invites registered users to write original reviews on literally 100's of consumer products--everything imagineable!  If you've bought it and used it, your opinion COUNTS. Brush up your creative writng skills here, and submit your "average consumer" opinion on the prodcuts loved--or hated. You also earn REAL MONEY on this site when other's read and rate your reviews, or add you to their own "circle" of people they "trust".  You could really build up a following here, by focusing on one particular type of product, and refering people to your Site-linked URL, or you can "dabble" freely throughout the categories that you register under.  The Site runs "features" on its' most-read reviewers, and you can even include a photo of yourslef, so people can SEE who it is they trust!  This Site is FUN, challenging, and offers a great tool for promoting yourself to others. Once your reviews are approved, they are posted as "just in", so regular visitors will catch them right away!  So, Pick a product, write a good review, based on your personal experience, and see what you can make happen from there!
 Check It Out HERE:  

Read and write
opinions on:

Get your own
Affiliate Site

1     -     "He's An Expert, She's An Expert, Wouldn't You Like To Be An Expert, too?"  Sign up to create your Guru profile today, and you CAN be!
This is another simply EXCELLENT place to share your expert opinion, promote yourself, and further develop your presentation and customer service skills!  "Guru" has SO much to offer, and like the others above, not only are registered members wlecome to LOOK high and low through extensive files for opportunities that interest them, any visitor or member may also read your profile(s) and specifically request YOU!  And Guru will even notify you of opportunities that come in, which match your profile(s). This service is outstanding!  And also like those already mentioned, it's all FREE for you to make use of!  
Check It Out HERE:
Power for the Independent Professional -
Go to to find freelance positions
freelancers, back-office tools, and deals on gear     -     1000's Of Internet Users Look for Information and Specialist Services Here-- Be "Discovered"!
Short for "expert", is similar to the services above, but has it's own unique "wrinkles".  You'll find numerous alternatives available for presenting your expertise and making your services availble to others at this Site. Membership is FREE, and don't forget, you can also make money thorugh your particiaption and successful referrals with ALL of these fascinating self-promotional/share your opinion programs!  Please note that the particular link provided below will take you to my own personal profile, so you can see another "work in progress" of mine, AND very easily get to the Full Site by clicking on HOME, if you want to learn all about getting involved for yourself...To take a look at the wonderfully "specialized" services availble at EXP. Check It Out HERE:
Note:  this particular Link opens to my own EXP Profile... So you can also check out my work here, and/or click "About EXP" and then "Home" to get right to the EXP Sign-up Area!     -     "The Yellow Pages Powered By Consumer Opinion"! Make An Impact On Business In Your Very Own Community--On The Internet!
This Site has a unique concept all it's own!  You write and submit original reviews of the businesses in your vewry own community, and earn real money for your participation!  or if you travel a lot, you can review businesses all over the Country. For every accepted review you write you'll also have a chance to win $5,000!   PLUS Site users (whether they also write reviews or not) can get the "real live consumer/customer" scoop on businesses everywhere they go, to help them decide where they'll WANT to go...
Don't worry about getting business people in your home community all mad at you:  For one thing you'll be sure to give fair and honest reviews, and for another it's no problem to submit under an anonymous "handle".  If a business simply doesn't meet your standards, maybe you'll help them make improvements...  If you really LOVE a place, let them know about your review--you never know about the "fringe benefits"!  
Check It Out HERE:

RatingWonders     -Write Good Web Site Reviews, and They "Pay" You With entries in constantly changing SWEEPSTAKES.  The prizes are great, and well-worth honing your skills for a chance at winning!
This Site is really fun and easy to work with.  You cruise through their endless list of Web Sites, and select which ones you'd like to write an original review for.  You may add your review to a roster of others already completed for any Site, or you may elect to be the first to review any Site.  After you submit your review, go back a little later, to see if it's been published.  If it has been, then watch for the weekly winners--it could be YOU!
Click On The  
Red Check Mark
Check It Out HERE:

Go Guides          -The "Special Reviews" Wing of the Wonderful GoNETWORK, this Service is NOT "new" to the Internet, and you have to do VERY WELL to advance among the "Reviewer Ranks" here....
I'm JUST getting "started" as a "Go Guide", so I have more to learn for you!  But the Program is "bent" for QUALITY, and features an easy-to use, yet "Professionalism Challenging" Reviewer Development System.  Gauranteed to "hone your skills"....  I'll be getting back to you HERE with ALL of the sign-up info as soon as I complete "the arrangements!

if you're interested,