March 22, 2008

Notice!!!!  As of March 22, 2008 I am searching for someone who is interested in (and has the time/expertise) to continue PDLJMPR Web Magazine for Austin Healey Sprites.  Those who have been visiting the site since it's inception in 1996 know that it has been pretty much abandoned since 1999.  I feel kind of guilty about the neglect of this site, but I no longer have a Sprite.  Still, last month Tripod reports 3490 hits.... Yahoo lists 1680 links to the keyword PDLJMPR..... and Google lists 1940 links to the PDLJMPR keyword.  If I can find a person I consider to be a suitable candidate to continue PDLJMPR, I offer to directly link to the new site from prominent places here on the old site.  I can guarantee that you will get significant traffic on your site from these links.  In the future I will continue to maintain the old site on a limited basis, and please be advised that the content of this site may not be copied without my permission.  
Les Myer
If you are interested in continuing the site (or in simply saying Hello), you may contact me at PDLJMPRWebMagazine&!
be sure to replace the "&!#" signs with an "@" sign in the e-mail address (put there to help defeat automated e-mail address harvesters)

April 5, 2008 Note:  
I am now tracking each page of this site individually to tell where people are still visiting (for placement of links).

Issue #11, February 20, 1999
Mid-Issue Update - March 20, 1999

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