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PDLJMPR's People and Places

PDLJMPR Web Magazine, February 20, 1999

Tammy Anderson - Editor of AHCA's "Healey Marque"

Tammy Anderson, editor of the Austin-Healey Club of America's monthly magazine, CHATTER, is a Sprite enthusiast and owns a 1959 Bugeye which she drives frequently.  She recently told PDLJMPR that her love for Sprites began about eleven years ago when she lived in Bowie, MD, a suburb between Baltimore and Washington, D.C.  The park within a stone's throw of her house hosted an annual British Car Day.  On a whim, she and her husband Ken went over to look around and couldn't stay away from the Healeys.  "They were all beautiful, but the Bugeyes were the ones that really attracted me.  And everybody seemed to be in it for the fun," recalls Tammy.

Not long after that, she and Ken found a1959 Bugeye, in need of much attention, but running.  They bought it and have decided to leave it pretty much in its original condition.  Tammy says she knows her original 948cc engine isn't the quickest thing on the road, but she likes driving the car as it was intended to be.  The handling, the style and the character of a 40-year old Sprite can't be beat and it definitely offers the most fun per dollar available.

Tammy and Ken have two little boys, now, who are also fascinated with the pint-size car. Five-year old Zachary has to compete with little brother Alex, just two,  for a ride in the car.  But most of their British car fun is had at local events like Southeastern Classic and British Car Day South in Clemmons, NC.

Her work on CHATTER has given Tammy opportunities to meet people she probably wouldn't have otherwise.   Roger Menadue, Gerry Coker, Roy Jackson-Moore, Bic Healey, Margot Healey and others of the Healey family are among the legends Tammy's been privileged to meet while serving as the AHCA's editor.  She says she's seen an increased interest in Sprites during her two years at CHATTER's helm and plans to include more coverage on our favorite little cars in upcoming issues.

Send Tammy an email or check out The Austin-Healey Club of America's Web site. Ed.