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PDLJMPR's Bibliography

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This bibliography of Spridget related material is made up of information provided by Bob Evans, Midget Susan and Bill Schickling.

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  1. "The Austin Healey", Healey and Wisdom  (Cassell)

  2. "Austin-Healey 'Frogeye' Sprite", R.M. Clarke (comp) (Brookland Books, n.d.) - Reprints of magazine articles.

  3. "Austin-Healey 'Frogeye' Sprite, Super Profile" Lindsey Porter (Haynes 1983) ISBN: 0854293434 - A collection of old articles and road tests as well as original text by the Author.

  4. "Austin-Healey Repair and Tune-up Guide", Harold T. Glenn (Chilton Book Company, 1965) - Performance and mechanical standards for Austins, Austin-Healeys, and Sprites

  5. "Austin-Healey Sprite, 1958-1971", R.M. Clarke (compilied by) (Brookland Books, n.d.) ISBN: 0907073409 - Reprint of magazine articles

  6. "Austin-Healey Sprite Driver’s Handbook", (The Austin Motor Company,1958) - Original driver’s handbook.

  7. "Austin-Healey Sprite Gold Portfolio, 1958-1971", (Brookland Books)

  8. "The Austin-Healey Sprite Service Parts List, AKD 829",  (British Motor Corporation, n.d.) - Factory parts manual.

  9. "The Austin-Healey Sprite (Mark II) Service Parts Manual", AKD 1763, (British Motor Corporation, n.d.) - Factory parts manual.

  10. "Austin-Healey Sprite Super Profile", Lindsay Porter (Haynes, 1983) - Commentary, reprints of magazine articles, hints on restoration

  11. "Austin-Healey Sprite Workshop Manua", (The Austin Motor Company, n.d.) - Original factory workshop manual.

  12. "Chilton’s Repair & Tune-up guide, Austin-Healey", (Chilton Book Company, 1973) - Repairs, specifications, do-it-yourself maintenance for Austin-Healeys and Sprites

  13. "The Complete Official 948cc & 1098cc Sprite/Midget", (Robert Bentley, Inc., 1967) - Driver’s handbook, Workshop manual, Special Tuning Manual.

  14. "Donald Healey, My World of Cars", Peter Garnier with Brian Healey, (Patrick Stephens Limited, 1989) ISBN: 1852602120 - The life story of the man that created the legends we drive.

  15. "Guide to Purchase & D.I.Y. Restoration of the MG Midget & Austin-Healey Sprite", Lindsay Porter (Haynes, 1984) ISBN: 0854293361 - Detailed guide to a ground-up restoration, Some really frightening pictures of the "Tin Worm".

  16. "How to Modify your Mini", David Vizard (H.P.Books, 1977) ISBN: 0912656476 - Great information on Modifing the A Series engine.

  17. "How to Restore British Sports Cars", Jay Lamm (Motorbooks International, 1992) ISBN:0879385677 - A general manual of tricks of the trade for any British Car.

  18. "Illustrated Austin-Healey Buyers Guide", Richard Newton (Motorbooks International, 1984) ISBN: 0879381043 - This covers all models of Austin-Healeys, There are more recent editions than the one I have.

  19. "MG and Austin Healey Spridgets", Chris Harvey  (Haynes)

  20. "MG Midget, Austin-Healey Sprite Owners Workshop Manual", R.G.O. Hawes (Haynes, 1982) - An after-market workshop manual

  21. "MG Midget & Austin-Healey Sprite : Restoration, Preparation, Maintenance", Jim Tyler (Osprey Pub Co., 1993) ISBN: 1855322293 - The pictures in this book will make your project look easy.

  22. "More Healeys, Frog-eyes, Sprites and Midgets", Geoffrey Healey (New Edition) (Haynes, 1990) ISBN: 0854298266 - This is the ultimate Spridget history book.

  23. "Original Sprite & Midget: The Restorers Guide to all the Austin-Healey and MG models 1958-79", Terry Horler, John Colley (Photographer), Mark Hughes (Editor), (Motorbooks International, 1994) ISBN: 1870979451 - This is must have for any Spridget owner.

  24. “'Practical Classics' on Midget/Sprite Restoration", (Brookland Books, n.d.) - Complete do-it-yourself “Spridget” restoration guide

  25. "Sprite & MG Midget 1958-1979 Shop Manual", (Clymer Publications, n.d.)

  26. "Sprite MG Midget Handbook and Service Manual", (Clymer Publications, n.d)

  27. "Sprite MG Midget Service-Repair Handbook : All Models, 1958-1979", Alan Ahlstrand, (Clymer Clymer Publications, 1980)

  28. "The Sprites and Midgets:  A Collector’s Guide", Eric Dymock (Motor Racing Publications Ltd., 1981) ISBN: 090054953X - Guide to details, changes, modifications

  29. "Sprites & Midgets:  The Complete Story", Anders D. Clausager (The Crowood Press LTD, 1991) ISBN: 1852235098 - From the Archivist at the British Motor Industry Heratige Trust

  30. "Spritely Years", John Sprinzel and Tom Coulthard  (PSL)

  31. "SU Carburetors, Owners Workshop Manual", (Haynes, 1989) ISBN: 1850105898 - A really worthwhile manual.

  32. "Total Tuning for the Classic Mg Midget A-H Sprite", Daniel Stapleton, (Motorbooks International, 1993)

  33. "Tuning BLs A Series Engine", David Vizard (Haynes) - This is the book to have if you are trying to tune the A series engine.

  34. "Tuning BMC Sports Cars", Mike Garton (Speed Sport Motorbooks, 1969, 1970) - Covers Sprites, MGB, MGA (Carbs, Transmission and Suspension)


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