Eliza Ann Cooper Blaker 1854-1926

Eliza Ann Cooper Blaker was born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania on March 15, 1854. She became interested in Friedrich Froebel's educational philosophies and was trained in his kindergarten methods. The twenty-eight year old teacher was invited to organize a kindergarten in Indianapolis.

As kindergarten attendance grew the need for more competent teachers caused Mrs. Blaker to open a teacher training school in her home. She taught her students that, next to motherhood, teaching is the greatest profession.

Her belief was that the "kindergarten is a miniature world, in which the little one is happy, is harmoniously developed, and learns to think and act as a reasonable being endowed with a high destiny"

The Eliza Blaker Memorial Room

Among other excellent resources for elementary teachers, one finds a wide variety of the early teaching aids on display, including several original Froebel Gifts.

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