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Links to other websites about Tathagata

Links to Other Websites about Tathagata and Enlightenment

These are other websites about enlightened Master Tathagata

Society of Natural Science - Website by Bugun who has travelled with Tathagata and known Him for many years - Includes Transcripts of Natures Teaching Magazines .

Life Guide - Website in Korean and English - www.lifeguide.or.kr

Nature Teaching - Website in Korean mainly with some pages in English Nature Teaching is a small magazine made by Korean members, which is mostly in Korean language but with English translation,  www.natureteaching.com

Please note I am not responsible for the content of the above websites, I trust the persons responsible to try to show only Tathagata's teachings and attempt to translate his words only as accurate as possible with rigour and attention to detail and not write their own ideas and judgements. Some content may be written in the third person and are not Tathagata's words or may have been translated by individual members including any other links to websites about Tathagata that you may find from those sites. The teaching on this site has all been translated to a high standard.