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(Sorry due to the death of Tathagata on 21.08.2008 there will be no more Questions & Answers)

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Tathagata's Latest Teachings

You can now read Tathagata's latest teachings on this website. Subject to Tathagata's travel schedule and availability.

Just click on a date in the left hand column to read each teaching.

You can also receive His latest teachings and news by E-mail by entering your E-mail address on the Sign Up page, or and return soon to read the latest teachings.

We are also considering the possibilty of a live Skype conference with Tathagata teaching and English translation.

Thank you to the people at DharmaOne for translating.

Latest News

9th January 2007, Tathagata will be travelling to California, with So Yun and Sato
21st January 2007, Tathagata has returned back to Korea
July 2007 Tathagata visits London - Although I don't know exactly the dates - but he often visits Speakers Corner in Hyde Park on a Sunday - so you might see Him there.
August 2007 Tathagata returns to South Korea
November 2007 - Tathagata is ill after curing someone