The Wheel of Time series aka "When Weevils Attack!"
The Wheel of Time-
A look at the series that is wasting people's time and money all over the world!!

Hi there! Welcome to my anti-Wheel of Time page, where I trash everything about this worthless series. I warn you, if you are a foam-at-the-mouth fan of the series then this page will probably give you a stroke or something. Here let me help you out...go here:

Robert Jordan Nude Pics!!

There, now than the WoT lovers are gone, I can talk with you, the anti-WoT person. The obvious question one may have is this: why the hell waste your time making a web page about something you hate? Well, first of all, This page isn't exactly taking up too much time. I'm not going to bust out the fancy HTML on such a worthless subject. Secondly, I originally wasn't going to. Then I came across a page of WoT fans, each gushing about how great the series was, how it was the best thing that has ever happened to them. How nothing could compare to its majestic greatness, its perfection. In short, they thought the Wheel of Time was the Father, the Son, and the Holy Ghost. Needless to say, I was quite ill, and after throwing up I proceeded to plan this page out. I contend that this series isn't the greatest thing that happened to fantasy, in fact it hurts the genre immensely. I contend that the W(aste)oT series is vastly inferior to the works of Tolkien, and other modern fantasy authors of today, who are sadly being overshadowed by the dubious talent of Robert "milk 'em, cowboy" Jordan. Thats the basic premise of this page, so I encourage you to spend some time here, and enjoy your stay. Be sure to sign the guest book at the bottom of the page!

the main disclaimer I want to make about this page is this: I respect everyone's opinion about whatever they enjoy, and I don't want any WoT fans to come away from this page thinking I think they are idiots. All this page is, is me expressing my views about a series I dislike, and having fun doing it. That said...

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