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Welcome to RedHeart's Native American Indian Homepage
Being Indian is mainly in your heart. It's a way of walking with the earth instead of upon it. A lot of the history books talk about us Indians in the past tense, but we don't plan on going anywhere... We have lost so much, but the thing that holds us together is that we all belong to and are protectors of the earth; that's the reason for us being here. Mother Earth is not a resource, she is an heirloom."
Quotation from David Ipina
Each People or Nation, was given Original Instructions for the path they're supposed to follow in this life. "Unless they find that Path and follow it, their life'll be empty, meaningless,"
Quotation from Mathew King  Chief Noble Red Man, Lakota(Sioux)   1902-1989
My Simple Recipe
Take a stroll through the forest
 Noticing natures kingdom first hand
 Feel the breeze upon your face
 Touch the soil
Smell the fragrance of life
 Taste the sweet freshness
  Seek the Great Spirits handy work
    Sit for a moment and reflect
   Watching the big picture come alive
   Make peace, not only with the creatures
   But with yourself as well
     And like the majestic eagle and the proud wolf
  Rise above you own trials and tribulations
    To experience the greatness of being
     Ask not of but seek
     Knowing real truth comes from within
       Remembering always “we are all related”
       For patience and love must be spread
         To all of creation in order for us
         As a whole, to gain rather than loose
Poem courtesy of
Gary A Palmer
    (Tsilugi)Welcome to my tribute to "Native Americans"
Quotes from the Native Past
Old Indian saying:
     "When you were born, you cried and the world rejoiced. Live your life so that when you die, the world cries and you rejoice."
 Buffalo Poem
A friend of mine by the name of Oakley Washburn (Silver Cloud) sent me some pages from a Religious and Literary Journal dated Seventh Day, Fourth Month, 28, 1838. Vol.XI No.30 edited by: Robert Smith and printed in Philadelphia by: Adam Waldie. I thought that the articles which came in a publication of "The Friend" were outstanding in both its content and true meaning. I believe that in this article- "Cherokee Wrongs" you will be able to feel somewhat the troublesome Cherokee nation. I can only say that I was deeply moved by this reading and I have nothing but extreme praise both to the Cherokee peoples Principal Chief John Ross in his part in protecting his nation and leading them thru dark times. I have deep sympathy for those Cherokee people at what pains they had to endure. I hope that you can spend the time to read this article.
Another story from that  issue called-"The Cry Of The Creek Refugees", is good reading also.
My first meeting in the flesh with Oakley Washburn (Silver Cloud)
"Cherokee Wrongs"
Spirits Speak
They are very inspiring words, and they bring back things that I would like not to remember, but need not to forget. Memories, as though I was there, when they slaughtered the little children and the women, and placed bounties on the heads of proud warriors, making us appear to be criminals. Words of Alfred Black Fox (a Cherokee elder) regarding the words spoken in "The Spirit Speaks."
Let us commemorate our ancestors
Native Military Memorial
Letters and articles pertaining to Indians
 Let us not forget Ira Hayes
Chief Crazy Horse
Texts by and about Native Americans
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"Deer, I am sorry to hurt you, but the people are hungry." --Choctaw Hunter's Prayer
Words of Luther StandingBear, Oglala. (1905-1939) "When the Indian has forgotten the music of his forefathers, when the sound of the tom-tom is no more, when the memory of his heroes is no longer told in story ... he will be dead. When from him has been taken all that is his, all that he has visioned in nature, all that has come to him from infinite sources, he then, truly, will be a dead Indian."   Luther Standing Bear
"There is no such thing as 'part-Cherokee.' Either you're Cherokee or you/re not. It isn't the quantity of Cherokee blood in your veins that is important, but the quality of it . . . your pride in it. I have seen full- bloods who have virtually no idea of the great legacy entrusted to their care. Yet, I have seen people with as little as 1/500th blood quantum who inspire the spirits of their ancestors because they make being Cherokee a proud part of a their everyday life." words of Jim Pell, Principal Chief of the North Alabama Cherokee Tribe.
Among the few who spoke out against the removal of the Cherokee and other tribes was Tennessee Senator Davy Crockett. "I would sooner be damned than hypocritically immortalized" Senator Davy Crockett His political career destroyed because he supported the Cherokee, he left Washington D. C. and headed west to Texas.
I would like to give special thanks to Vern TwoWolf for giving me the name "RedHeart" on July 4TH, 1997. I will wear it with great pride. Thank you so much..
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 Inner Peace
Lumbee Petition
 RedHearts tribute to Lumbee Wife
RedHearts Assembly
Lumbee Petition Registar
I dedicate this website and weblink to my Lumbee Indian wife Phyllis A. Peterson/Hunt-Birthplace Fairmont,N.C.  
I think that it is time for Native American Indians from all across this land to do what they can do to support the recognition of the Lumbee Indians in their quest to be given the rights that all other Natives are receiving from the federal government. They have suffered in more ways than just the loss of their land. Their heritage was taken away from them. They did not choose to be forgotten. They choose not to forget who they are and continue their fight to be recognized and they are a proud people that are Indian and choose to remain so. They nor their elders should be left in this state. Should all Native Americans combine their support and lend it to the Lumbee Indians on their hard fought journey to be given full recognition and benefits by our federal government. Haven't they been hurt long enough, I ask? Talk about endangered species... they will not allow themselves to disappear. Now, I am not a spokesman for them nor am I a lawyer or politician but I am a person that believes that there time has come to be a whole part of the Indian community of these united states. The Lumbees are not wannabees. There is proud Native American blood flowing thru their veins and hearts. They are as much an Indian as the Cherokees, Navajo, Apache,Huron, Lakota, Cheyenne, Soiux,Choctaw,Iroquois,Chickasaw,Lenape,Ute,Shoshone,Cree,must I go on? I recently read about the Illiniwek Nation. These tribes of Native American Indians numbered over 20,000 in the late Seventeenth Century. Nowhere now does a single full-blood Illinois Indian exist. Your Lumbee brothers and sisters need your help!  
Just as the great chiefs fought together for their people to preserve their heritage and land in the Battle of the Greasy Grass ("Custer's Last Stand" to others), I urge the Chiefs of today to join together along with all their people and help your brothers and sisters of the Lumbee Tribe to gain back their equality with Native Americans throughout the land. Please contact the Lumbee Indians and please HELP!  
Maybe there are leaders amongst the many Indian Nations,Tribes, Bands,etc. that could rally for their own March to show what they believe in. Whom are willing to come together and show the Spirit of what the REAL Americans are about in celebration of their great great heritage. A POW WOW but one of such magnitude never seen before! A march of celebration...Not a "Trail of Tears". This land has seen one too many of them. Stand up and be counted! If this ever comes to be during my lifetime, I and my Lumbee wife and Son will be there to lend our support, I promise. This land is your land... your home...your legacy!!!   
Not long ago here in Philadelphia I saw the coming together of almost one million African American women marching for their cause. I was personally part of the millions that fought against the Agent Orange issue which I was affected by. I do know that if all band together and bring this issue of the Lumbee Indians to the forefront then you will force the government to giving these proud Lumbee people....your brothers and sisters the full recognition that they are rightfully due. Let the Congressmen, Senators, and the President know that the Native American Indians can show great strength and pride. Do not foresake these Lumbee people. What would your elders have done if faced with this issue...? Who are the present day Chiefs?? Which of them cares enough?? It is for them to decide!!Full Blooded aren't the only Indians...there are many Half Breeded whom are INDIANS also!
Peterson Family
Hunt Family History
Hunt Family Tree
Crossties of Hunt Family Tree
Cherokee By Blood- search for Native American roots
Morning Stars Home Page ( Great Grand Daughter of Chief "Red Cloud"
Jeanne Beck - I had the great honor of receiving a E-Mail from this Great-Great-Great Grandaughter of Sequoyah ..Cherokee scholar who developed the written syballary for the Cherokees. She is a very courageous Native American women. I received a message from Jeanne Beck this 10th day of November 1997 and I would like to share it with you. Jeanne says of her children Eric S Patterson > Helyn M Friedemann---->I am the last remaining relative of the children and cannot walk Mother Earth much longer..I want them to be involved with their inherited blood-lines if possible and continue on with all beautiful relationships and undiscovered charms of our Nature...Our race must not die out...our ways must not die out..we may be left as the only Guardianship of our Mother in the future....I feel very strong about this.. Her Great-Great-Great Grandfather Sequoyah must truely be smiling down on her with great feelings of pride right now!!!
Sequoyah: Native Americans did not use a written language before the immigration of Europeans to America. In the early 1820s the Cherokee leader Sequoya developed an alphabet and written language for his native tongue. Many Cherokee learned the new written language readily, and in 1828 they published the first Native American newspaper, written in both Cherokee and English. The famous Tsalagi (Cherokee) leader Sequoyah proved to all that Native Americans can be brilliant thinkers. The only man to ever invent an entire alphabet from scratch, Sequoyah made his nation literate at a time when this was unthinkable. A staunch warrior who fought for the United States in the Creek War of 1813, Sequoyah was no effete intellectual. Because of Sequoyah's gift of literacy, his Tsalagi people have maintained a strong national identity and are one of the most populous Native American nations today. The Cherokee Nation in the early nineteenth century possessed its own alphabet devised specifically for the Cherokee syllabury by Sequoyah. Sequoyah's genius was such that it was the only alphabet known to humanity developed by a single individual. All of the records of the Keetoowah society were kept in the Sequoyan syllabury.
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Read more of the words of Chief Seattle
I would like to give many thanks to TwoWolf and StormRider for their continued support and endless help. They have truely been an inspiration to me...RedHeart
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