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Meherabad or Meher Abode - is the name given by Avatar Meher Baba himself to the Arangaon property of Khansaheb Kaikhushru Irani in the year 1923. A large signboard was painted and Nervous (nickname given by Baba), one of the mandali (group of close disciples), nailed it between two poles and planted it near the railway tracks.

Today, a large signboard greets the pilgrims on the road passing through Meherabad. Government of Maharashtra has declared Meherabad as a 'Sri Khsetra' -Sacred and Holy Area. About Meherabad , Baba had said :

" In the future Meherabad will be like Jerusalem. For my spiritual work it is the best place. It will always be the centre of my work." In 1938 Baba observed: " This whole universe is Mine, but this place is especially Mine."

During 1955 Sahawas, Baba pointed out that after a period of seventy- five years this would be the centre of world pilgrimage.

Saheb Asmi, a noted urdu poet from Lahore, Pakistan, and a great devotee-lover of Meher Baba paid perhaps the best tribute to this most sacred piece of land on the planet. Asmi told Bal Natu, one of Meher Baba's mandali: "Meherabad is not a place for casual conversation. Here the Seventh Heaven is offering obeisance to its every grain of dust."

Meherabad is a magical place full of tranquility, peace and spiritual splendour. People from all parts of the world visit Meher Baba's Samadhi all round the year. Meherabad is about 6 Kilometers from Ahmednagar (about 100 Miles from Pune) in the state of Maharashtra in India. To know more about how to reach Meherabad, click the Know more about Meherabad link below.

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