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 Gilori Shah's Tomb

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Hazrat Maula Gilori Shah was a mohammedan saint of Ahmednagar. Gilori Shah foretold Gulmai K. Irani, wife of Khansaheb Kaikhushru Irani that Meher Baba would visit and settle on their Arangaon property (now known as Meherabad). Gilori Shah would occasionally visit Gulmai's house for a meal. He would often mention that he wanted to go to Arangaon and live his last days there. One night he appeared as a child in a dream of Gulmai and pleaded sweetly for a piece of land on their Arangaon property for his final resting. The next day Gilori Shah, accompanied by some of his followers, selected a spot (where the tomb is seen in the photo above) on the Arangaon property for his tomb. After selecting the spot he prophesied:

" In a short time, this place will turn into a garden of pilgrimage. A great one will come here, and this land will one day belong to the people of the world.When I die, bring me here - escorted by a band. Bury me at this place". Concluding he said: "Meher Baba will soon come here, and before he does you should have my tomb erected. All that will happen will be exactly as I am telling you."

Gulmai narrated this to Meher Baba at Manzil-e-Meem, Dadar , Bombay, on 20 February 1923, while inviting Baba to visit their Arangaon property. On hearing this account , Meher Baba said, " I may or may not come... Meanwhile, construct Gilori Shah's tomb as he wishes." Meher Baba did visit the site on 4th May 1923 for the first time. Baba sat down under a neem tree by a well and pointed out to others present, the recently constructed tomb of Gilori Shah, which was a few feet away.

Maula Gilori Shah was alive at that time but dropped his body few months later. He was buried in the tomb and on his coffin, which he had kept ready, he had inscribed: "He who has died before his death is alive."

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