The place that the Avatar chose to live

Meherabad Ashram, a small township of Meher Baba's close disciples and resident Baba lovers, came into existence in the year 1923. Meherabad is located at Arangaon , about 10 kilometers from Ahmednagar town in the state of Maharashtra in India . It is said that at this place , a Hindu saint, Buaji Bua, buried himself alive. When Meher Baba choose this site to live , he named it Meherabad .

Meherabad witnessed some of the most important activities in the life and times of Meher Baba. It was at Meherabad, Meher Baba commenced His Mystic Silence on the 10th of July 1925. Meher Baba's Silence remained unbroken for 44 years right until he dropped His physical body on 31st of January 1969. From 13th of July 1925, Meher Baba commenced writing a book in a cottage, which he called the Jhopdi (Hindi word for cottage). It took him almost two years to write this book and it is the only book written by him. After completion, Baba did not allow this book to be published and instead, kept it in safekeeping with different people. The book manuscript changed many hands on Baba's instructions before it disappeared and is untracable till today . However before dropping his body in 1969 , Meher Baba assured his disciples that the book was in safe hands and would be published at the right time . About the book , Baba said, "The Big Book I have written will be the future Bible, Quran, Avesta and Veda, as it will be universally accepted by all castes and creeds."

It was at Meherabad that Meher Baba started two schools - Meher Ashram and Prem Ashram. These schools became important instruments of Baba's Universal Work as the Avatar of the Age and were later disbanded on Baba's instructions. Meherabad assumed greater global importance on 7th of February 1969, the day when the mortal remains of Avatar Meher Baba were buried in his Tomb-Shrine. About Meherabad, Meher Baba had disclosed: " In the future Meherabad will be like Jerusalem. For my spiritual work, it is the best place. It will always be the center of My work."

Meherabad is now regarded by millions of Meher Baba lovers as the most sacred place on earth, where in His Samadhi or the Tomb-Shrine, a direct inner living contact with the Avatar is always possible. Everyday hundreds of Meher lovers coming from all parts of the world, visit Meherabad and carry back with them great experiences of inner awakening in Love, Truth and Universal brotherhood.

How to Reach Meherabad

To reach Meherabad , one has to travel to Ahmednagar , which is a small town in the State of Maharashtra . Ahemadnagar or Nagar as it is called in the region , is well connected by both Rail and Road . For people coming from abroad , the nearest International airport is Mumbai (Bombay) from where they can travel by comfortable ASIAD buses or by Train to Ahemadnagar . ASIAD buses take about 6-7 hours to reach Ahemednagar and can be boarded from the bus stand in Bombay which is opposite the Mumbai Central Railway Station . Rail connections from the Mumbai CST and Dadar are also available but are either via Pune or Manmad.

Meherabad in about 10 Kilometers from Ahemadnagar, proximate to a village locally known as Arangaon. Three-wheeler auto-rickshaws are easily available at the Railway Station and Bus stand. Alternatively , buses going towards Arangaon stop at Meherabad and can be boarded from the Nagar bus stand. Pune is the nearest domestic airport from where regular buses, taxi cars and trains to Ahmednagar are available. Ahmednagar also has direct train links from New Delhi, Varanasi and Manmad and many other parts of India.

Meherabad has adequate lodging and boarding facilities for pilgrims coming to Meherabad. These facilities are available at very nominal rates. Meherabad has a beautiful Pilgrim centre and a number of furnished hostels for pilgrims.

For advance reservations at Meherabad, pilgrims can email:

Pilgrim Centre Reservations and Information

Currently , if you correspond by email for reservations , a charge of Rs. 50.00 (fifty only) will have to be paid at the Trust Office. You can correspond as many number of times by email in conncetion with a reservation (i.e. you pay only Rs. 50.00 for more than one email exchange in connection with a reservation)

Or write to

Pilgrim Reservations, Avatar Meher Baba Trust Office, PO Bag 31, King's Road, Ahmednagar ,414001 , MS , India.


Pilgrim Reservations

Trust Office, Ahmednagar: +91-241-2343666

Pilgrim Centre Phone : +91-241-2548733


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