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The Story of Gypsy Sharma

This is the famous story of a young man called Gypsy Sharma who died of Cancer in Delhi , India at the age of 21 on 28th February 1983. As Gypsy suffered in his last days and as the time of his death drew nearer, amidst deep agony of the family who helplessly watched Gypsy slipping away , a miraculous event happened.

Dr.G.S.N.Moorty, a renowned Baba lover, narrates this incident detailing Gypsy's last moments , as told by Gypsy's parents :

"On the 16th Feb. `83, while the boy was sound asleep, his mother tried to wake him up. With eyes half opened the boy moved a little and said, `What are you doing mother? Do not disturb me please. Look, Meher Baba is here in this room.' Then he closed his eyes and turned aside. People in the house were surprised on hearing Gypsy's words and wondered who Meher Baba was; for they heard this name for the first time in their life. Neither the boy, nor any member of the family, far and near, had ever known or heard anything about Avatar Meher Baba.

On Sunday, the 27 February `83 late at night, the boy was persuaded by his mother again to get up for a cup of tea. He opened his eyes slightly and said, `Mother, look; I am talking to Meher Baba. Promise me on oath that you will not disturb me any more. I am in great peace mother, please do not disturb me.'

All those gathered around drew a blank and asked each other who Meher Baba was, and why Gypsy was repeating his name. However, the utterance was again dismissed as an unfounded imagination in semi-delirium. But that was not to be. Around 12 in the noon on Monday, 28 Feb. `83, Gypsy's condition became serious. His sister, with tears in her eyes, asked him to get-up, eat something and talk. At last, he opened his eyes, muttering incoherently to himself, taking Baba's Name again. Desperately she asked, `What are you talking about Gypsy? Who is Meher Baba?' He responded clearly and said, ` Don't you see, Meher Baba is standing here in the room in his white clothes.'

His mother anticipated that the inevitable was near and that Gypsy would soon leave them. With tears in her eyes She said,` Gypsy, my son, you are not well. Now you should remember Lord's name.' Gypsy replied, ` Why should I remember Lord's name mother? Look; Meher Baba has himself come to take me along. I am going with him.' Then he raised his hand high, snapped his fingers and closed his eyes forever, leaving behind Meher Baba's mystery."

`On the first anniversary of Gypsy's death, M.G.Sharma, Gypsy's father saw a dream, the significance of which was revealed later when the couple visited Meherabad and Meherazad. In the dream, Gypsys father saw himself and his wife being taken to a place similar to a temple. There was a person, like a priest, who led them into this temple down some stairs, which opened into a sort of a cellar. In the cellar, Sharma saw the bust of a person with a large moustache. The Sharma couple's search for Meher Baba, eventually through enquiry about Meher Baba, brought them to Meherabad on 27 February 1985, two year's after Gypsy's death.

On 28 February, they visited Meherazad where Eruch, one of Meher Baba's closest mandali, showed them around Mandali Hall. Eruch also took them inside the Blue Bus where Sharma saw the bust of the person with a large moustache - Meher Baba! Describing his experience in Mandali Hall, Sharma, looking at Eruch, said, "You might have casually shown me the bust, but in a profound way it has confirmed my belief that Gypsy had an intimate connection with Meher Baba. And what a coincidence, today is the second anniversary of Gypsy's demise."

Next day at Meherabad, Nana Kher, one of Baba's mandali, took the Sharma couple to the museum near Baba's Samadhi. Nana led them down the two stairs and the first thing that arrested their attention on the left side, was a replica of the bust they had seen in the Blue Bus and the dream . This experience revealed the full significance of the dream filling Mr. and Mrs. Sharma with love for Meher Baba and His "temple like" Samadhi.


Gypsy's family is now completely devoted to Meher Baba. They can be contacted by writing at the following address :

Mr. M.G. Sharma

Avatar Meher Baba Pilgrim House

4159, Indira Market , Subzi Mandi

Delhi - 110007 - India


Excerpt from the unpublished book Shore to Shoreless by Prof. J.S. Rathore.


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