Meherazad is the name of the residential complex chosen by Meher Baba in the year 1944. Meherazad is at Pimpalgaon, which is located on Ahmednagar-Aurangabad road about 20 km from Meherabad. Meher Baba's Seclusion Hill - the site of Baba's Manonash Work (Annihilation of the finite mind) as the climax of His New Life - stands as the majestic and mystic backdrop to Meherazad .

From 1944 onwards, Meherazad became the place where Meher Baba resided along with His close men and women mandali (resident disciples). It was at Meherazad that Meher Baba had dropped His physical body at 12:15 p.m on 31st of January 1969.

Some of the surviving mandali - Eruch, Aloba, Bal Natu, Goher, Meheru, Katy, Arnavaz -still reside at Meherazad. A visit to Meherazad, and listening to Baba stories from mandali and lovers is a rejuvenating and unforgettable experience for the pilgrims. Avatar Meher Baba Trust buses ply four days a week from Meherabad to Meherazad.


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