WINScanner Software

WINScanner software brings the excitement of radio transmitting and receiving to your computer!

WINScanner Software

The integration of a communications transceivers/scanners and a PC pioneered by WINScanner and it has brought about an increasing number of functions and features that have never been available on many radio transceivers or radio scanners before. The WINScanner software contains numerous advanced features, many tuning and scanning options and large memories capacity's.

Spectrum Scoope

This new method of graphic tuning brings a totally new experience to tuning a radio. Imagine dragging your mouse across a scanned spectrum, click on a peak, and you are tuned to selected frequency.

WINScanner software is intended to used width HAM- / CB-Radio and radio-scanners. To use the Printer Port it is quit simple to make a software program to controlling the radio or the PLL`chip.

The software is free, and the hardware cost only a few cent.......

WINScanner Software for:

Alan 87
Alan 88S
Alan 8001
Cherokee CBS-2100
Cherokee NightRider
Cherokee NorthStar
Connex 3300
Connex CX-4400
Connex CX-4400HP
Galaxy DX-Series
Galaxy DX-2517
Galaxy DX-2547
President George
President Grant
President Herbert
President Jackson
President James

Ranger RG-66
Ranger RG-99
Ranger TR-296
Ranger TR-396
Ranger TR-696
Ranger TR-6900
Superstar 360FM
Superstar 360FM
Superstar 2000
Superstar 2200
Superstar 3900

Cobra 148GTL
Cobra 148GTL DX
Cobra 148GTL DX+
Cobra 2000XL

Icom IC-22S
Icom IC-240

EPT360014B PCB
EPT690010Z PCB

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