Cherokee NorthStar

Cherokee NorthStar



NS-6000 Block Diagram

NS-9000 Block Diagram

NS-6000 Wiring Diagram

NS-9000 Wiring Diagram

Microphone Connection

Pin Description
1 Ground
2 Microphone
3 TX Key (Connect to Ground)
4 Speaker (Connect to Ground)


Locate the small board (PCBX-9710) that has the channel selector attached to it. On the right rear corner of this small board locate the small wire loop and cut it open. This is about 3/16 of an inch loop. Open, or cut this wire loop, right against the board.
Now locate the "YELLOW" wire that comes from the edge connector of this same little board that has the Channel selector. It runs over to the Bright/Dim switch. Some Place in the middle of this wire you will see a black heat shrink tubing over the wire. You must cut away that tubing, and reconnect the yellow wire, as it is an open connection under that heat shrink.

To select a band, you must place the dim switch all the way to DIM. This will now display a n1, n2, n3.... n8 in the channel selector window. The CB Band is band 5 for most NS series, except the NS-3000. Which is band 4.
Once you have selected the band you want, place Bright/DIM switch back to bright. You are now on that band of operation.


NS-6000 Schematic Diagram

NS-9000 Schematic Diagram

NS-9500 Schematic Diagram

MC145106P PLL Frequency Synthesizer

TDA6130-5 TX Mixer

TA7310 Oscillator, Mixer and Amplifier

AN612 Balanced SSB Modulator

TA7222 Audio Power Amplifier

NJM4558 Dual Operational Amplifier

TA6324 Quad Operational Amplifier

2SC2312 RF Finale Transistor