About the Documentary
Hollywood Horses

A Tribute to Great Movie Horses and the
Trainers Behind the Scenes

The film titled Hollywood Horses focuses on the great
Silver Screen Movie Horses from the old Hollywood movies, westerns, frontier epics, and the Trainers Cowboys, Wranglers and rental stables.
Information on Hollywood's movie stable owner
Fat Jones, and others including Glen Randall, Corky Randall, Tom Sweet, Ralph McCutcheon, Jack Lindell, Les Hilton, Kenny Lee, Denny Allen, Dave Richardson, and two women who ran a business together, Stevie Myers and Joan Edwards. Many have since passed away - and in several instances, their children, are running the remaining stables. Fat was in business until his death in 1963, then was sold to Dyke Johnson whom is NOT related to actor Ben Johnson. Ben also started out as a wrangler and was Fat's son-in-law.
This is a tribute to the old horses and the popularity they enjoyed from the 1930's to the 1960's. The Californian local history of the San Fernando Valley where the rental stables were located and many films were shot. In the early days, before large trailers were used to haul the horses to their location, wranglers and cowboys would round them up herding them to the movie sets. The old western cattle driving technique met the modern world of motion picture making.

About the Film maker
Salome Milstead, of San Francisco, California, is the great-granddaughter of Clarence Y. "Fat"Jones, Hollywood?s first horse wrangler. Salome, having a passion for horses, owns a well-trained horse named Noah, therefore has chosen to direct the "Hollywood Horses" documentary.

Note: October 2001: Horse Fame was first notified of the project in 1999 and the time taken to compile. Horse Fame has been waiting for and welcomes a documentary about the the horses who have worked hard for many people in the entertainment field. Many of the people who have contacted Horse Fame have helped in the making of such documentaries. The feature will be of great interest to anyone who love horses and wants to know about the show business aspects including the progress in better treatment of the animals. We hope this inspires anyone to gather and save horse history in the making for future generations.
If you have hidden history to add - send it to Horse Fame.
It may be preserved and made into another movie someday.

UPDATE: FEB 2002 - The film is in the making and not yet available. Check for release and updates at the official Missed-A-Shot movie production site. (link below)

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