My Friend Flicka Movie Horses
the horses that were in the Movies
The Movies "My Friend Flicka" and "Thunderhead - Son of Flicka" were made by the movie company 20th Century Fox in the 1940's.

image Flicka and Roddy McDowell

image Flicka cast poster

(above) The color poster version
of the
(left) glossy movie photo
rearing Flicka
"My Friend Flicka" from the 1940's

The Remount Ranch, a National Historical Place, located halfway between Cheyenne and Laramie, Wyoming. It was the filming place of the 1940 movies "My Friend Flicka" and "Thunderhead, son of Flicka".
(Novels written by
Mary O'Hara)
Mary and her husband had lived at the ranch. then left the ranch in 1940's. It became a dude ranch in the early 1960s. It is privately owned as of the 1990's.
There were 6 look alike Flickas and 9 white horses as Thunderhead in the movie. Different scenes another horse was used depending on its special abilities. They are best suited for doing the job as "The Albino" , "Goblin" & "Flicka" They were not the same horses used in the later made TV series. (1950's)
The horse playing the role of Flicka was an arabian mare as said by Mr. McDowell during an interview.

image Rita Johnson Flicka Preston Foster
( above ) - Flicka with actors
Rita Johnson & Preston S. Foster
who were cast as the McLaughlins,
Ken's parents in the
"Flicka" movie versions.

Roddy McDowell in the dramatic scene in the roll of Ken McLaughlin when Flicka lays in the stream and near death. ( below )
image Flicka and Roddy McDowell

The "My Friend Flicka"
movie sequels

Thunderhead son of Flicka

image Thunderhead

image Thunderhead Roddy McDowellimage Thunderhead Flicka Roddy McDowell
The horses from "Thunderhead son of Flicka" & Roddy McDowell

image Thunderhead son of Flicka
"My Friend Flicka movie"

above - Preston Foster & Flicka

Comments and info
from: Kathie Dunn
Date: Sat, 7 Jul 2001

The horse used in the movies for "Flicka" was also a registered American Saddlebred named "Country Encino." She went directly from filming one year to showing in the 5-gaited classes at Santa Barbara National.

Note to Deb at Horse Fame conflicting Update:

Comments and info
from: Kit Townsend

Date: August 2004

 Please note the Saddlebred "Mare" you listed on the Flicka Movie page "Country Encino" (foaled in 1940) was actually a stallion, could you have be mistaken? He had a daughter name Country Encino's Coquette (foaled in 1952) Could this be the mare you mean? You can check Saddlebred facts by name at I'm a Saddlebred and Morgan Pedigree researcher and thought when I saw the Mare in your note you might be mistaken.

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