A Mr. Ed Scrapbook
in memory of the
talking horse TV star

Hello imageI'm
Mr. Ed

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Connie Hines & Mr. Ed

Photos from the 1960's
Allan Young & Mr. Ed at the Beach

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How do you like my painter's outfit?
I had My own TV show in the 1960's.
I'm a horse Of course!
Mr. Ed's story
Mister Ed C, M, T
Mister Ed C, M, T page 2
Mister Ed Puppet
Pumpkin - Ed's double
Mister Ed Photography

Some of Mr Ed's Horse Buddies

Dice the movie star horse
pinto in many Columbia Studio Motion pictures
A Fury Scrapbook
the TV show horse - story about Fury
located in Santa Clarita, California
A Roaney Scrapbook
Oldest surviving horse of William S. Hart
William S. Hart Park Museum
Located in Newhall, California
William S Hart (cowboy movie star)
Clydesdale Scrapbook
Hi Yo "Silver" the HORSE & the Lone Ranger Theme
Stars & Horse Stars
The Stunt Horses
Lipizzan Photo Gallery
"Sam" star of Blazing Saddles
Famous Mules and Burros too
Saddlebag Stories
Links of some more Famous Horses
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