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The Randall Family of Movie Horse Trainers
Not too many people today remember Glenn Randall or the many horses he trained. I am just chock-full of stories of Glenn and the horses he trained and the other movie horses in Newhall, California. I spent most of my life in Newhall. I am no longer in California anymore, but I do keep in close touch with the Randalls and Rex Peterson who worked for Glenn for 6 years. I will share my personal memories about The Randall family: Glenn Sr., Corky, Pinky, Lynn, Chad, Pudgy and Glenn Jr. I also want to include stories about Dale Robertson, Roy Rogers & Dale Evans, the cast from "High Chaparral", & Gene Autry in the future. I have some cute and shorter stories about Iron Eyes Cody, Jay Silverheels and Kelly Reno,"Alec" of the Black Stallion movie.

Glenn trained the horse named "Cass Ole" who played "The Black Stallion" in the movie and the other horse doubles. Also Don the talking horse for the movie "Hot To Trot".

Glenn Sr. died a few years back. (in 1993) Roy Rogers and Dale Evans were supposed to give the eulogy but it was the day Dale had her heart attack.

Corky Randall is a horse trainer also and worked for the following movies: Randall was in charge of the horses:"Spy Hard "(1996) (animal consultant), "Star Trek V: The Final Frontier" (1989) as horse wrangler, "Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade" (1989) as horse wrangler,"Hot to Trot" (1988) as animal trainer, Angel Heart (1987) as horse wrangler and The Black Stallion (1979) as the horse trainer. A novel by Louis L'Amour called "Down the Long Hills" was made into a movie for television when Corky Randall had an acting debut being a Bystander.

Rex Peterson is now out on his own. Rex is filming "The Horse Whisperer" with Robert Redford right now (February 1998). He also was horse trainer for television version of "The Black Stallion" from 1990 to 1993 then was the chief horse trainer for "Black Beauty" 1994 movie.

Cherri Reiber who also worked for Glenn is the head trainer for all of the Medieval Times Castles and is currently at the one in Toronto,Canada

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May 07, 1992 Sorry for the loss of Glenn H. Randall Sr., who trained horses ranging from cavalry mounts to Roy Rogers' palomino, Trigger, and other Western movie horses, died at his Newhall residence. He was 83. Also his son, Corky, on April 20, 2009 Hollywood horse trainer Corky Randall passed away at age 80.Deb at Horse Fame.

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