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Welcome to Ken's Digifant Page! I hope you'll find some useful information here about the VW Digifant fuel injection system in your A2 Jetta or Golf.
1992 Jetta with Digifant
1992 Volkswagen Jetta. Digifant RV 8-valve 5-speed. Manufactured June 1991 at Wolfsburg, Germany. Canadian specification. Calypso Green metallic paint. Factory sunroof, air conditioning, heated seats and washer nozzles, ski-sack, factory trunk lip. Modified air flow sensor and airbox, weighted shifter, adjustable clutch cable, Dunlop D60A2 tires. Acrylic wind deflector, VDO voltmeter, oil temperature, oil pressure gauges, Flexlight map lamp, VW programmable wiper relay, VW delay dome light.

The primary source for the articles herein is the Jetta pictured above: a 1992 Canadian-specification A2 series 1.8 liter Volkswagen Jetta with Digifant fuel injection and engine management.

The scope of this site is to give you a set of practical guidelines for setting up your Digifant car. I will not cover various electrical tests requiring meters or other special tools. If you need to go to such lengths, everything you need is already covered in the Bentley manual.

Digifant was used in the North American Golf and Jetta from 1987 to 1992. It was also used in the Vanagon, Corrado G60, Fox and others. Canadian and American specifications were similar. Digifant is still widely used in other international Volkswagen variants, but it is beyind the scope of this site to cover all the Digifant iterations worldwide.

Please let me know if you find these pages helpful. And please feel free to make suggestions. Constructive advice will be acted upon! I can't promise to answer all emails, but I'll tackle the intriguing ones.

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