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Digifant Recall Code TR

Volkswagen has recalled Digifant cars in Canada because in conditions of very cold temperatures combined with high relative humidity, a non-functioning intake air pre-heating system could allow the formation of ice particles within the throttle system. In other words, the throttle can freeze open.

The fix requires surgery on the intake and exhaust manifolds to install a new deflector plate, a screen goes in the throttle body (I wonder what that does to air flow?), and a new temperature sensor goes in the air box.

All Canadian Digifant cars are covered regardless of mileage. You can tell if a Digifant car has had the recall by a yellow sticker on the top of the air box. The sticker reads,
"Important. Check proper function of intake-air pre-heating system at each service."

VW has placed the recall circular on the web at If you have not already done so, you will need to download and install the Adobe Acrobat Reader plug-in to view this file.

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