ABOUT Ken's Digifant Page 
This page can't be an exhaustive Digifant fuel injection resource. It can be a general center for those of us who are interested. The need for us Digifanti to have a factory authorized repair manual on hand cannot be overstated.
I can't vouch for the accuracy of everything you find (or link to) here. It worked for me and for some others, but it may not work for you. If you are not competent with tools and chemicals, don't try this stuff.

The information on these pages is gleaned from text books, Usenet, the Web and my own car: Canadian-specification 1992 Jetta -- 1.8 liter Digifant II, Engine Code RV, 5-spd.

Naturally, this page is incomplete and open for discussion. Additions, corrections or comments are welcome. You might like to volunteer to write an article about some aspect of Digifant not covered here. I may publish it with your permission for proper credit and a link from the Table of Contents. Imagine the glory.

I am especially interested in donations (also for appropriate credit) of any well lit, well focussed digital images of Digifant systems or bits and pieces that can be used here as illustrations.

Finally, Volkswagen and Digifant are registered tradmarks. Volkswagen does not pay me to put these pages here and neither does anybody else. The entire contents of these pages is original and copyright is fully in effect.

What is Digifant?