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 An Excerpt from a daily local newspaper "The News, Lahore" dated: Nov 4, 1999.

"The world's biggest lock, weighing approximately 52.450 kg and measuring "21x12", has been made in Pakistan, claimed Sheikh Zafar Iqbal, son of a lock maker. Zafar told one of the local english newspapers that his father Muhammad Rafiq made this lock some years ago. The lock is operated with its 11 inches long key weighing more than 1.75 kg. He said four years ago an American offered him US$ 40,000 for the lock but he refused to do so because it was the property of his late father. "I do not have resources to take part in exhibitions to introduce the marvelous item", Zafar said adding that he needed help to get this lock recorded in the Gunisse Book of World Records."

Apart from this excerpt, many other famous newspapers, For example; "Jang Magazine" (interview published twice), Daily "Pakistan" (article published on Aug 30, 1992), Daily "Naya Akhbar" (article published on Nov 4, 1999) have also given this news a big and vital coverage.

15 years ago, A few punjabi television programs on the local transmission (named "Succhay Moti" and "Mela") also telecasted an interview with Zafar Iqbal and Aaqil Hamid conversing about this lock and the process of its manufacturing.

The lock was given coverage on the 14th of February 2000 on one of the most famous and old TV show namely "Tariq Aziz Show" formerly known as "Nilaam Ghar". An interview of Zafar Iqbal and Aaqil Hamid was telecasted followed by the display of the lock on stage.



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