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So many kinds of locks are available these days. But the credit of introducing the most wonderful lock goes to a Pakistani, named Sheikh Mohammad Rafique. The lock is marvellously huge, The lock is in perfectly usable condition. The manufacturer claims it to be a world record. The lock was manufactured in 1952 by Sh. Mohammad Rafiq and it took three consecutive years to complete. After the death of Sh. M. Rafiq it was given to his son, Mohammad Zafar Iqbal. This lock is currently in the custody of "Crown Lock House, Lahore, Pakistan" whose Managing Director is Aaqil Hamid.

Lock measurements:

Weight with two keys 52kg-300gms
Weight without keys 50kg-600gms
Weight of one key 850gms
Weight of two keys 1kg-700gms
Length of lock 547mm
Width of lock 307mm
Thickness of lock 105mm
Handle thinkness 60mm
Width of key 68.4mm
Thickness of key 25.3mm
Length of key 273.5mm


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