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An amazing breed the kees seems to fit almost every situation and is so adaptable and easy to live with that even if situations change, the kees is ready to move on to new challenges (and new couches!)


The keeshond is a spitz breed that originated in Holland. It is a relative of the Pomeranian and the German Wolfspitz. It is a family dog that does well in apartments or large estates, is very clean, easily trained and is non-aggressive with other animals. It sheds twice per year, is naturally clean and odour free. The coat is easy to maintain and minimal exercise is needed.




1. What is the kees like with children and other animals?

The MOST important thing about a kees is that it devoted family member, good with kids and animals, and I think practically perfect in every way!!!


2. Is the coat hard to keep looking and smelling good?

The kees has a naturally harsh guard hair that helps to keep it from matting. The puppy coat is very soft and needs regular brushing, but a good quality adult coat is easy to keep looking and smelling nice. The kees coat is dry, it is not oily like most breeds, so it does not aggravate most allergies and does not have a doggy odour.


3. Are they easy to train? I heard they were stubborn!

The kees is highly intelligent. The breeding behind a kees is important, as with any dog for temperament and trainability. They are independent thinkers (which I LOVE!) and may try to cute their way out of things. They will think for themselves and can be quite manipulative. They will have You trained in no time!


4. Are they Yappy?

The kees should never be yappy. They were bred to bark if a stranger approached but they should never ever be yappy. Again, the breeding behind the dog is very very important to consider. 


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