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I have had kees since I was a little girl. It all started with a neighbors dog and I have never been without them since... and never will be!
I believe in the importance of the entire dog. A beautiful dog that has an impeccable temperament, superior intelligence and absolute health.

  Our keesie family lives in the house. Babies are raised underfoot and socialized with people and other animals. We begin teaching our keesies how to learn and how to show off their incredible intelligence when they are only  about 4 weeks old!

We participate in many aspect of doggie sport including obedience, sledding, herding, agility. We believe that the kees is the all-round dog and that it can do anything!

Polly was in the Disney film SNOWDOGS!

But the most important thing a kees can do is be a devoted family member, practically perfect in every way!!!


About me........

I have a BSc in Agriculture and a Bachelors of Education (honors). Much of my academic career has been in the fields of canine genetics, nutrition and health. There is always so much yet to learn! 

I am concentrating on work and a few projects right now, but I am always happy to talk kees, and help you find the right kees for you.


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Admiraal Keeshonden