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Hello, my name is Miss Kitty L'Amour and this is my Quiet Life. I hope you enjoy this little fanzine missive with all its misguided ranting and muttering. It has not been created to fawn or drool over a particular band or artiste but rather as a sign of my distaste for the adult world. Quiet Life is pro quiffs, kiss curls and glamour and anti all that is Dadrock.

WARNING: Produced single-handedly in a social vacuum, Quiet Life is an accurate representation of real life as far from the edge as possible.

Come taste my mind....
with Rollerdisco's patented "Click, Read & Learn" formula!

Old Women and Their Perms: I Don't Understand!
Find out why so many of the nation's elderly female set are adopting this hair-based fashion statement.

Miss Kitty's Kult of Yakult
Does this tiny health drink of Japanese origin actually cause our children any harm?

The Dadrock Mausoleum
Evil takes many forms but none so putrid as this.

Quiet Life Fanzine exists in hard-copy reality but these are the only articles that I have had time to release into the wild so far. I do lead a busy jetsetter's lifestyle, you know.
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