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A Story
Six years ago our shopping centre had a Sainsbury's in it - today this lot still lies bare. This empty supermarket, I would tell everyone, should be made into a rollerdisco. It already had silver foil on all the windows.... The End

I hereby present to you, the public, a manifestation of my personal rollerdisco. Scroll down and you shall find many things to delight and amuse. THRILL! to the beauty of 1950s cheesecake model Bettie Page! LAUGH! at my wrong opinions! MARVEL! at the power of the pop group bis! ETC! ETC! Hurry before it's too late.

Thank you.

We have been a-skatin' and a-boppin' times.

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The wonderful Miss Bettie Page: go go pussycat!

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let's go disco!

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