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NEW Brett Greider's website Buddha Mind, Rainbow Body is a well-organized and attractive offering of images, text and other audio-visual resources for teaching Buddhism in the academy. NEW Women's Early Eastern Spirituality is a wonderful website, "arranged as a garland," offering articles on women in early Eastern spirituality (including Buddhism and Taoism).   These articles were originally part of a page called Early Women Masters in Buddhism, Taoism, Shinto & Zen.
Catherine Holmes Clark offers the superb SkyDancer site which includes numerous essays, as well as a bibliography in Buddhism for feminists which includes her personal review (as a practitioner) of each book listed.

Now we're in Korean!  A website in South Korea offers a Korean translation of selections from an earlier version of this webpage at http://www.iworld.net/~hyemook/btn_22.htm.

Snow Lion Publishers in Ithaca, New York offer an on-line catalogue of books about women and Buddhism, including book synopses and brief reviews. Another bibliography on women and Buddhism, this one by David Carpenter, includes numerous articles and scholastic references not found in the WAiB bibliography.

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