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CyberSangha CyberSangha (now defunct) was an online Buddhist journal with frequent articles on women and Buddhism - check out their archive of articles from back issues (for instance, "Tantric Buddhism and Sexuality: A Conversation with Two Feminists").
DharmaNotes logo DharmaNotes is a "new, once-a-week (or so) e-zine for buddhists and nonbuddhists with information, reviews, articles, quotes, news, humour and poetry. Available by subscription only, DharmaNotes is a simple, text-based e-zine you can read right away or print out and read at your convenience.   No bells or whistles, just good writing, clean layout!  You can rest assured your e-mail address is not given to anyone for any reason. Period."
eDharma UPDATED eDharma (now defunct) was an online Buddhist resources magazine.  Updated every two or three months, it included Dharma articles and reviews, a searchable database, lists of Dharma centres, a Buddhist astrological column, and other nifty stuff ... all produced under the aegis of publisher angel Kyodo williams (now the author of Being Black: Zen and the Art of Living with Fearlessness and Grace).
Insight Meditation Online Insight Meditation Online is the Web journal of the Insight Meditation Society.  Its issues include numerous articles by, and interviews with, women teachers and practitioners, such as: Sylvia Boorstein on the Parami-s, Teacher Interview: Ruth Dennison, Sharon Salzberg on Faith, Teacher Interview: Martine & Stephen Batchelor, Renunciation by Sister Siripannà, Teacher Interview: Kamala Masters & Steve Armstrong, "Investigation" by Narayan & Michael Liebenson Grady.
Institute for Medieval Japanese Studies

The Institute for Medieval Japanese Studies has archived several articles on nuns in medieval Japan

Journal for South Asian Women Studies The Journal for South Asian Women Studies has occasional articles related to women and Buddhism.
Lotus Realm How to order Lotus Realm, a "new voice for Buddhist women" produced by the Friends of the Western Buddhist Order (FWBO).
Shambhala Sun The Shambhala Sun has occasional articles related to women and Buddhism ... it's worth taking an occasional look at the articles in their archives!
Snow Lion Publications Snow Lion Publishers have an online newsletter which emphasises developments in Tibetan politics and Vajrayana.
StillPoint StillPoint, the on-line newsletter of the Dharma Rain Zen Center, has an extensive archive of articles including many by Buddhist women such as Sallie Jiko Tisdale.
Tricycle Tricycle is a lively Buddhist quarterly from America which offers some articles -- usually only from the current issue -- online.  (Let's hope that they'll consider opening up their archive one of these days...)
Turning Wheel Turning Wheel is the quarterly journal of the Buddhist Peace Fellowship (affiliated with the International Network of Engaged Buddhists), "bring[ing] a sharp focus to urgent matters of peace, social justice, environmental activism, and dharma practice in 48 pages of articles, interviews, poetry, art, and book reviews."  Edited by artist/writer Susan Moon, its articles are often informed by a strong feminist outlook, and are always worth reading.  See their Urgent Action page for up-to-date information on BPF campaigns.

A small number of back issues of GASSHO (the electronic journal of DharmaNet International) are on line, including the July/August 1994 Women in Buddhism issue, featuring:

  • "Conventional Women, Ultimate Woman: Gender, Nonduality, and the Goddess" by Jamie Hubbard
  • "Presence With a Difference: Buddhists and Feminists on Subjectivity" by Anne C. Klein
  • "The Significance of Ordination as a Buddhist Nun" by Ayya Khema
  • A list of DharmaNet publications by/about Buddhist women

Audiovisual resources

CHO by Choying Drolma UPDATED Chö is a recording by Chöying Drolma, the nuns of Nagi Gompa and Steve Tibbetts.  Chöying Drolma was taught these songs by Tulku Urgyen Rinpoche and other teachers.  Selections on this recording include Invocation to the Lotus Born Master, and Calling Upon the Masters of the Chö[d] Lineage.  You can hear audio samples on the Chö page at Amazon..  Jack Donen's world music page includes a good description and review of the CD.
Lucinda Treelight Green An audio cassette and booklet of Songs of the Dharma, Buddhist chants in Pali and English performed by Lucinda Treelight Green, are available from Treelight Productions as well as the formal guided meditations Developing Loving Kindness and In This Very Body: Sweeping Meditation. Write Treelight Productions, P.O. Box 6386, Colorado Springs, CO 80934-6386 USA (fax 719 685-5756 or e-mail TLG223@aol.com).
Ven. Pema Chödrön NEW Ven. Pema Chödrön's teachings can be acquired through www.pemachodrontapes.org, which offers an extensive collection of audiocassettes, as well as videotapes of her talks.  You can also buy books by Pema Chödrön.  Confused by the choice?  Check out their recommendations page for where to begin.
Snow Lion Publications

The following recordings are available through Snow Lion Publishers in Ithaca, New York (see their Music & Chants page for more details):

  • A recording of the "Queen of Great Bliss (Dechen Gyalmo) Puja", as sung by the nuns of Nyima Özer Ling in eastern Tibet.  "Dechen Gyalmo represents, within the Longchen Nying Thig tradition of the Nyingmapa Lineage, the deified form of the great female practitioner Yeshe Tsogyal."
  • The Nyima Özer Ling nuns have also recorded the "Shi.tro" (adjunct ritual to the Tibetan Book of the Dead).
  • "The Songs of Milarepa", the great Tibetan mystic, as sung by the nuns of the Mahayana Buddhist Nunnery, Tilokpur, India.
  • "Tibet, Tibet" by Yungchen Lhamo (see above).
  • "Tibetan Prayer: The Singing Nuns at Chuchikjall" (a small nunnery in remote Ladakh -- India's "Little Tibet").  Chuchikjall is one of the nunneries supported by Naljorma Nuns' Project.
  • "Twenty-One Praises of Tara" by Prema Dasara and Jeff Monoz.
  • "Seeing Nothing but the Sky" by 14 imprisoned Tibetan nuns held in Drapchi prison.  (These are patriotic songs rendered in folk style.)
Ven. Doljin Kandro Suren Mystic Fire Video produced We Will Meet Again in the Land of the Dakini, a video about the life of the late Mongolian lama and Chöd yogini Doljin Kandro Suren. She practised and taught the Dharma in Communist Mongolia when it was still illegal to do so.  "Chöd means cutting through our Ego, it means to confront every circumstance in life with the awareness that Ego is the root of all problems. Developing this capacity, Chöd practitioners train their compassion by living in extreme conditions in order to help others."
New Medicine Audio Tapes New Medicine Audio Tapes offer numerous audio- and videotapes by Dharma teachers:
  • The Planetwork page includes recordings by China Galland (Re-Imaging God: Tara and the Black Madonna), Joan Halifax (The Greening of the Self), Joanna Macy (Compassion for Earth - Practicing Deep Ecology, Being Bodhisattvas, The Bell of Chernobyl), Deena Metzger (Personal Disarmament), and Helena Norberg-Hodge (Ancient Futures: Towards a Culture of Interconnectedness).
  • The Meditation and Spiritual Practices page includes Tsultrim Allione (Feeding the Demons: Relaxing Dualism), Pema Chodron (The Love That Cannot Die, Facing the Monster), Ruth Fishel (Practicing Insight Meditation), and Yvonne Rand (Becoming an American Buddhist).
  • The Death and Conscious Dying page includes a tape by Christine Longaker (Finding Hope and Inspiration in Death).

And there may well be others!  This is a huge site.

Sharon Salzberg Sharon Salzberg offers several instructional tapes on meditation:  a Lovingkindness Meditation audiotape and Insight Meditation: A Complete Correspondence Course.
Yungchen Lhamo UPDATED Tibetan singer Yungchen Lhamo is known for her powerful and expressive interpretations of traditional Tibetan religious and secular (Lhamo) music.  Her most recent recording with RealWorld Records (1998) is Coming Home; earlier, in 1996, RealWorld Records/Virgin released Tibet, Tibet, her first international recording (she also made an earlier recording, Tibetan Prayer, with Natural Symphonies).  NEW Visit the Yungchen Lhamo Foundation website for further information on the work of this extraordinary artist.

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