Gustine Pentecost Society
Newly Renovated Hall

The GPS traces it's roots back nearly 90 years.
Million-Dollar Renovation of the GPS Hall
takes on a bright, ballroom-like atmosphere
Gustine, California

The annual festa of the Gustine Pentecost Society
brought an extra reason for celebration this year, as
the organization christened its newly remodeled GPS
A Handful of finishing touches of the million-dollar
renovation and expansion remained as the GPS hosted
a special luncheon and its Festa throughout the weekend,
but for the most part, the project was complete and
earning high marks from visitors.
Indeed, explained GPS Vice President, Joe Azevedo,
the interior of the refurbished halls bears little
resemblance to that which festa visitors had become
accustomed over the years. It's larger for one thing!
The GPS added a total of more than 6,000 square feet
of floor space with a two-story expansion to the
north side of the building.
For the lower level, that meant an expanded kitchen
facility, relocated bar, additional seating and
restroom facilities. Previously, the only restrooms
were on the second floor and were far too small to
accomodate the festa crowds. An outside stairwell
provides outside access to the restrooms.
Air conditioning was added to the lower level as
well, Azevedo explained. Previously, the GPS
relied on evaporative coolers for the lower level.
The most striking change, however, is on the upper
level; which has shed its dark appearance for a
bright, ballroom-like atmosphere.
The end of the room which once held the bar now
boasts an expansive, well-lit stage with a new
sound system. The women's restroom was expanded
and a new men's restroom was added.
The space on the upper level houses a lengthy
bar, which can be partitioned off into two separate
services areas; one serving alcohol to adults, and
the other offering refreshments to those under 21.
Azevedo said the GPS was not initially sure if its
budget would stretch far enough to replace the
windows, but the group eventually proceeded with
that improvements as well.
"We were doing all the remodeling, and the old
windows just didn't look right," he explained.
For the most part, Azevedo said, the project
went well despite the tight schedule required
to have the facility ready to host the GPS Festa
held in July. Building codes required new, wider
staircases and sprinkler systems, he explained
Some interior work, including sidewalk replace-
ment, remains to be done as well as some minor
interior work.
The GPS had put some money aside over the years
for the hall project, Azevedo said, but financed
much of the work. Donations to the GPS will be
used to retire that debt.
We are depending on the donations we receive to
pay for the remodeling,", Azevedo commented.
"All the donations GPS received go either into
our Festa or into our building.
Story and Photos
The Gustine Press
July 25, 2002 Issue

Kathryn Castro Maffei
870 Meredith Avenue
Gustine, CA 95322
United States


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