Bode de Leite
(Blessing of the Cows)

OLM Queens welcome thousands of visitors
The sound of wood wheels is deafening
Visitors enjoy free sweetbread & milk
given along parade route
Carts are authentic, many coming from
the Azores Ilands
The names of Islands are proudly displayed
The Cow Parade is a mile long
Some steers are over 2,000 pounds
controlled by a single man
Authentic Azorean costumes are
worn by dancers

Kathryn Castro Maffei
870 Meredith Avenue
Gustine, CA 95322
United States


The Legend of Our Lady of Miracles:

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Bodo de Leite:

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Gustine Adopts Angra, Azores as Sister City:

2004 Festa:

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2003 Pictures of OLM Parade of Queens

2003 Pictures of OLM Festa Bullfights


"A Paz de Jesus"
played by Kathryn Maffei
(from Collection of OLM Hymns CD)