Dreadnaught by: Mike Bastarache

The 'Elixar'

Capsule:Omars Black Market is run by a human named Omar Shale. Omar is a prominent member of The Most Honorable Guild of Armores, referred to as "The Guild" throughout this supplement. [The Guild is described in Galaxy Guide #9: Fragments from the Rim, by West End games.] Omar searches the galaxy for new, old, and hard to find weapons, ships and armor, and a host of other things. Omars flag ship is the 'Elixar' a modified Rendili Star Drive Dreadnaught. From time to time Omar hosts a Guild auction, aboard the 'Elixar'. Almost anything military can be had at Omars. If it exists, or once existed, The Guild will find it, and it is likely that Omar will have it if The Guild does.

Omar also has very close ties with the Veritech corporation, a very small custom starship and droid manufacturer. Veritech Corp. manufactures the "Talon" found under the strarship section. Veritech sells Omar a number of their new designs every year, pretty much at cost.

The 'Elixar' provides starport facilities to the area's she visits and this generates much of Omars income. Omars Black Market is frequently found in backwater systems, looking for various items, or information. Most of these systems lack adequate landing facilities and Omar provides these to whatever system he is in. His rates are reasonable and he asks 'no questions'. To make his patrons more comfortable, there is a casino, and restaurant onboard. Omar and his agents pay well for information valuable to him, or those who patronage his establishment. Free-traders, and their less legitimate cousins, are encouraged to sell, and trade their wares here. The 'Elixar' has 4 main docking bays each capable of docking 6 light freighters each. And there are 4 docking gantries capable of docking larger ships.

There are also 1-4 slightly modified Bulk Action IV freighters accompanying the 'Elixar'. These offer docking for 2 light freighters in a pinch, with a shuttle service to the main ship. Repairs, and modifications are generally carried out in these support ships, but on occasion, or for special guests, these services are offered on the 'Elixar' herself. These escort freighters carry 2 starfighters each, as a defensive precaution. The 'Elixar' carries 4 fighters.

Omar stays in system for anywhere from a few hours to several months. Depending upon many factors, the primary is based upon Guild business. Other factors include business, Imperial attention, and the whim of the captain. Omars Black Market usually frequents outer and mid rim territories but occasionally visits the core, usually only with all legal cargo, or various "collectors items" for the guild. It has been rumored that Omar has done business with the Rebellion from time to time but these reports are unsubstantiated.

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