Miec in Storm Commando Armor
art work by: Maciek Skawinski

Meic Awksre
Profession: (ex)Storm Commando Height: 6 feet 1 inch
Race: Human Weight: 220 pounds
Age: 24 Hair Color: Blonde: short
Home World: Alderaan Eye Color: Green
CP: 24 FP: 2 DSP: 1 Build:
Character is force sensitive.
Distinguishing Features:
Meic fits the old saying that you can always tell if a person is a storm trooper even with out the armor.


blaster 10d+1 
brawling parry 7d

dodge 7d 

grenade 6d+1

melee combat 7d

melee parry 7d 

lightsaber combat 4d+2
survival 5d
hide 5d+2

search 5d+2

sneak 6d

beast riding 5d+1

hover vehicle operation 5d+2

repulsor lift operation 5d+1

brawling 5d

stamina 3d+2
armor repair 6d

blaster repair 6d

first aid 4d

demolition's 5d+2

security 3d+2

Background: Miec was born on Alderaan he is about 2 years older than Tevor. He Tevor and Io's younger brother were the best of friends They all grew up near each other and have kept in contact, until Alderaan was destroyed, and Io's brother was killed. Miec has always felt that he was different. He follows a strict warrior code, one that he couldn't when he was a storm commando. He is very strong in the force, but he is unaware of how strong he actually is. He has learned allot in the last few months, but he realizes he needs a teacher. He believes that Jedi are warriors and he makes mistakes under that assumption and the lure of the darkside beckons him, at times but he is unaware of its very existence. 

Miec is searching for a teacher and a dual bladed light saber, one of the famed light staves. His greatest desire is to become a Jedi, and his favorite hobby is hunting, large or small game.

Miec does not know much about the force, He struggles with the trauma of leaving the empire, and is searching for mental calm, he can be cold and calculating. He does not mention much about his time in the Empire, all that is known is that he was one of their best snipers, but he could not do his job in good conscious any more and he left with Tevor and the others to strike back at the Empire.

DEX 4D+1
STR 3D+1


imperial brain washing & traumatic stress w/ nightmares [game effects: -3D from all skills when fighting scout troopers, -1D vs all other imperials]

Personal Equipment:

  • Dual Bladed Light Saber
  • Storm Commando Armor
  • 500 Credits
Personality: Introspective, quiet.


Control 2d+1
Sense 4d+2
Alter 2d+2


Absorb / Dissipate Energy

Force Sight*
Life Detection
Danger Sense
Receptive Telepathy
Light Saber Combat

* Meic is currently blind and can only see through the Force. He recived training from a long dead dark jedi who tried to suduce him to the darkside. Meic now cannot see. All medical diagnostics show his visual organs working correctly.