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Teaching of Tathagata - 24.12.06

Teaching of Tathagata 24 dec 2006

I have heard like this from Master Tathagata :

The subject of eternal life has been one that has generated much interest among humans. You can live permanently by repeating birth and death when you have certain bonds. You die when you are connected to that bond.
You are born when you have that bond as well.

In order to know the worth of life you need to understand a little of how a life is composed and comes to the world again.

The origin of life is generated by the activities of the world and that original energy keeps evolving endlessly. When that origin of life meets a bond in the process it is possible for itself to create a living creature. The creature keeps its bond in it and we call it as 'motae '. So, the motae is created by the bond and a life comes back to the world by its motae.

Then how can you present the eternal life to yourself ?
Stop your karma, you will live forever. It is easy to say, but actually it is hard for you to control the activities of your karma. You are absolutely controlled by what you have done because of your motae. Everybody has every different way of life because of what is in their motae.

All the saints requested others to confirm even what they themselves had taught. But the evil ones or the swindlers never say to you to confirm what they have said. Instead, they order you to trust them. I always emphasize on confirmation before believing something. What I say at this moment also requires your constant confirmation through the things in the world.

For example, here is a pear and it can make itself exist forever if it meets a good farmer. All the creatures keep their crystal of all their bonds in their fruit and they revive through their own fruit.

Then, what prevents you from revival ? You cannot be reincarnated in case you destroy your energy because of the activities of your karma. Nor can you be reborn when you lose the right time to revive when your soul attaches to the human world. A researcher informed that a seed had sprouted which was in a fossil for several thousand years. It is possible according to the conditions to be preserved. Meanwhile some seeds cannot sprout even one year later when they were worm-eaten or decayed. It indicates that a living creature cannot revive when it lose its energy in its own motae. So, if you stop the activities of your karma you can keep the energy in your motae for hundreds to thousands years. You can stay in the higher space for around 500 years or 1000 years in an extremly comfortable state. That's like having a happy dream. After 1000 years you can be reborn when you come down to the world and get a bond again. In this way you can continue this process for 10,000 years or forever.

You cannot stop your karma by your determination or desire to do so. You need to know the way. What is the way ? You should awaken yourself. What is the essence for awakening ? You should save yourself from a lie. How you can protect yourself from a lie ? You should learn from things in reality. If you do not know things in the world you are decieved. If you know then you can take benefit from the world. This is what the world is like. You are always cheated by others because you lack the spirit to confirm. In order not to be decieved you should awake yourself. In order not to decieve others you should awake yourself.

The paramount point of the secret of eternal life is that you should remove a lie that is in yourself. It is impossible for you to live forever if you believe in a lie or you have got a lie in you. When you have a lie in you, you follow what your karma orders. In spite of your ignorance you accept what you do not understand and act what you accept.
The way to leave a lie is that you should meet a man of truth and see his life and learn from his life. When you leave some of your lies you start recognizing as it is. The eternal life, deliverance and enlightenment are the some of the best teachings for humans. How can you cause something for these good results ? First of all you need a good bond. In order to find a good bond you should open your eye to the world. Can you go to heaven only if you go to a church and believe in God ? It is like you want to arrive somewhere by the road of illusion. It is like you want to fly without wings. It is a dream of a bear that wants to fly in the sky.
You should regard a good cause and connection most preciously.

Here is the way to gain the good result of life.
Firstly, meet a man of truth.
Secondly, open your eye to the things in the world.
Thirdly, do not tell a lie when you can see the world.