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Resources for Teachers

How do you chose resources for distance education? As technology continues to evolve, the number of tools and resources continues to increase. These tools are marketed as being able to do many things from creating simple web pages to full-blown educational websites with graphics and multimedia. But these tools do not replace the skills required to produse good learning content. When users of these tools are not fully equipped with the skills and knowledge, the result is poor e-learning content and poor learning outcomes.

Recommended Books and Other Resources


Open Educational Resources

Instructional Software

E-Learning Software

Additional Lists of Books

Careers in e-Learning

Additional Resources





Wiki-Academies launched a Wikipedia Academy in Chennai, India on December 12, 2008. The Academy will focus on spreading education and supporting Wikipedia by contributing articles to it.




Horizon Report


OpenLearn (the UKOU's Open Educational Resources repository) has seen over 2 million people take advantage of free education since it was launched in October 2006.

ICT and Education Projects

Checkout the Projects page for details of past of and present projects using ICT for distance education in developing countries