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The page collects together any old bits'n'pieces that have appeared on this website as news or items of interest at some time. So items will be found on IT infrastructure developments such as those in Web 2.0, or on teaching initiatives such as those found in online teaching, or on learning innovations such as those in elearning, or on new research directions.

The WWW in Plain English

Lee LeFever of CommoonCraft gives a short explanation of what makes the World Wide Web work: browsers, packets, servers and links in the following video:

Scaling up YouTube

Speaker: Cuong Do

If you've ever been curious about what goes on behind the scenes of YouTube and what it takes to serve millions and millions of videos worldwide, Cuong will enlighten you on this very topic.

The World as a Village

Suppose the world was a village of just one hundred people - what would it look like? This video gives us a sobering way to look at the world's statistics about the distribution of wealth.

It is an old video (2006) but I think it deserves playing again.


> providing education for the underserved and marginalised people in the world;

> empowering people to build sustainable communities.




History of the DLDC Website

This website had its origins in a site that I established whilst working in Africa in the late 1960s. That site was designed to fill a gap that I perceived at that time. I stopped updating that site in 2000 when pressure of work in my new position made it impossible to continue. Now, all these years later and with so many new ICT technologies available, I have decided to have another go at maintaining it.