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Jackson Mill's Conference Center

Weston, WV

Advanced Beginning Computers


May 6 - May 11, 2000 

I know. You are going to ask me "what is an advanced beginner?" Only our main gurus, Dean Hardman and Franny Mams knew. It was rumored they could tell by how their students stagger away from the monitors with eyes that are glassy and dilated, and how long they remained that way.

Before I ventured as a novice to this marvelous place two years ago, I thought an A-Drive was something Bonny and Clyde used for an express withdrawal from a bank. I did not know a dot-com from a dot-go.

But now, I am cured!! I no longer flip over a floppy, and I don't hear Beethoven's Fifth as Da Da Da- Daaah any more. It is now Dot Dot Dot-Caahm!! I open Windows instead of washing them, and I never call a dog Browser or boot up a shoe. Thank you for an updated education West Virginia!

This program began with a thorough review of Windows 95/98 and the nature of a love/hate relationship with a computer. There were l9 of us in the lab, and there were 20 computers, all set up for us. The first day was devoted to computer management with Windows Explorer taught by a very good instructor, Lee Krause. Lee set the stage. No question was too dumb or left without an answer. At times, there were assistants who wandered down the aisles to answer questions.

The learning environment was excellent with individual attention and a lot of fun. The rest of the program lived up to my highest expectations. It included Internet searching information, Word Processing, gadgets and gizmos, and Quicken 2000, as an example of personal finance software. There was also plenty of free time in the lab, attended by our patient, knowledgeable instructors Lee, Dean, Franny, and Marie Burleigh, our Word Processing specialist.

Evening programs included an interesting orientation session, a film and lecture about the early life of Stonewall Jackson, and an excellent presentation of slides of beautiful West Virginia. There was plenty of space for hiking, and a historic area centered on a mill The town of Weston was also worth a visit as it is a glass and antique center.

We were all spoiled with residence in Jackson Lodge. We had spacious individual rooms with bathrooms and Cable TV, and maid service every day. The food service was simply superb with many choices along a very efficient buffet line. If you go, watch the waist line!!

This was the first time an "Advanced Beginner" course was offered at Jackson's Mill and it really "clicked" with me. It is highly recommended, but not for absolute beginners…now where is my B-Drive, or is it my E-Drive? Is my computer "crashing" again, or is it the A-Drive driving me?









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