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Nature and Ecology

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                                   Set Yourself Free In The Mountains  #17


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Nature, Like Man, Sometimes Weeps 

From Gladness   #16

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The Sound Of The Stream is 

the Music Of Celebration  #19

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Go Forth Under The

Open Sky, and Listen

to Nature's Teachings  #24

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    If the Beasts Were Gone, 

We Would Die From A Great

 Loneliness of Spirit  #27


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Earth Has Not Anything to Show More Fair  #30



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Nature is Always

And Never the Same  #49

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Take Nothing But Photographs,

 Leave Only Footprints  #50

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Wherever We Go In The Mountains, Or Indeed In Any

Of God's Wild Fields, We Find More Than We Seek.  #20


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The Forest Is The

Poor Man's Overcoat  #26


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The Earth Does Not Belong To Us,

We Belong To The Earth    #44


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The Ocean Is The Common Birthright of Mankind  #45


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In Wildness Is The Preservation of the World  #53





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