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          Imagination is More Important Than Knowledge  #7



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 Come Forth Into The Light Of Things-Let Nature Be Your Teacher   #2



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A picture is a poem without words   #12



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 Animals Are Such Agreeable  Friends, They  Ask No Questions, They Pass No Criticisms  #10


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 Teach Us Delight In Simple Things  #5 


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                   The World Is A Great Book Of Which They Who Never Stir From Home Read  Only A Page   #13           




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                                    The Future Belongs To Those Who Believe In      The Beauty Of Their Dreams #15



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Butterflies...Flowers That Fly               

And All But Sing   #46                                                            


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                                                  One Joy Dispels A Hundred Cares   #23


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  A Thing Of Beauty Is A Joy Forever  #25                                                                               


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The Journey Of A Thousand Miles Begins With A Single Step  #18



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With Each New Day Comes An Opportunity 

For A New Beginning #21


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