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Adrian's Angels E-Group Page
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Adrian's Official Web site
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Adrian Paul PEACE Fund
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Peace Fund Radio
Every Wednesday listen to Adrian Paul & Co-host Ethan Dettenmaier as they talk "Protect, Educate, Aid, Children, Everywhere!"

Many more "Adrian's Angels" have their
own web pages for you to  enjoy!
Courtesy: Chimera

Silvercat joins the list with her own site:

Becky tries her hand at a Highlander page:  

Annette's Male Celebrities Pages:

Ghost Cat's Northlander (for Canadian Highlander fans)

The Galleries of Duncan MacLeod (by Tracy):

Kat's Hugh Jackman Harem

Arddunol's Place FRUS

Sara's Wallpapers

Olga's Site (for the Russian fans)

Lynn Hocker's artwork is not  to be missed!
Check out our Fan Art pages too!

You can also visit  Highlander Worldwide,
the Official Highlander Fan Club.
(Formerly Highlander Down Under).
It has an international focus with a commitment to celebrating Highlander and furthering fan enjoyment of it.

~More Adrian Paul-Highlander Links~
Clones R Us (fun place to find an Adrian clone)
The JigZone
(Have a blast putting Adrian puzzles together)
Dame Mehri's Tracker Pages
Karen Moning,
author of the "Dark Highlander" books
Diana Gabaldon, author of Outlander series
Kizmet's Corner of the Web
Duncan MacLeod (by Paul Edmonds)
Loreena McKennitt,
singer of Bonny Portmore
Emit's Highlander Quick Fixes
(great parodies)
Nabikis' Highlander-O-Rama
Highlander Lady's Adrian Pages
The Sanctum of Vile Duncan MacLeod
Highlander Sword Shoppers
(fun spoof pics of Adrian)
SAPS  (Send Amanda Packing Society)
The Highlands
Maris' new UK site
Immortal Ladies
Duncan MacLeod/Tessa Noel Fanlisting

Highlander Episodes by MacGeorge
For the ultimate breakdown of what is on the Highlander DVDs (Seasons 1-6) this is a must read place to visit. MacGeorge did the incredible work of detailing every word.

The Clan MacLeod
Sheena Easton video, "Days Like This":
(a much younger Adrian!)
Darius Stories
Duran Duran video, "My Own Way"
(look for him with the cape)
Fan Fiction.Net
(the ultimate in Highlander fan fic, over 700 stories to choose from!)
Definitely Duncan Fan Fic (Kat's pages)
Highlander Lair
The Highlander Mailing List Archives
Highlander Quill Club
McMillan Writings
Methos Boxer Brigade
Pontmarie's Fan Fiction (by Paris)
Quinn's fabulous MacLeod stories
Samantha's Page: Mother of All Highlander links
Kat has started a group for readers & writers of
historical romance! So join in the discussions.
Kat's Immortal Fan Fic pages
Check out Linda's (Foundling) FANtastic artwork!

(click here)

~Other Highlander Character/Actor Pages~
Peter Wingfield Fan Club
Methos (Peter Wingfield) (Peter Wingfield)
Peter Hudson (James Horton/Ahriman)
Marcus Testory (Caspian-one of 4 Horsemen)
Valentine Pelka (Kronos-one of 4 Horsemen)
Richard Ridings (Silas-one of 4 Horsemen)
Liz Gracen Official Page (Amanda)
Amanda's Timeline
Jim Byrnes Page (Joe Dawson)
Stan Kirsch Official Page (Richie Ryan)
Lisa Howard page (Dr Anne Lindsay)
Christopher Lambert Official Site (Connor MacLeod, Russell Nash)
James Horan (Grayson)
F. Braun McAsh (swordmaster, various characters)
Sean Connery (Juan Sanchez Villa-Lobos Ramirez)
Roger Daltry (Hugh Fitzcairn...Fitz)
Anthony DeLongis (Consone, Lyman Kurlow)

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