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Adrian Paul, Kevin Sorbo and Ethan Dettenmaier at Peace Fund Radio
December 2012.....

The latest endeavour Adrian has undertaken is in conjunction with Ethan Dettenmaeir of Combat Radio. One of the goals of the Peace Fund has been to bring charities together to collectively strategize on how to help children everywhere.


Adrian Paul and Ethan Dettenmaier host this innovative, informative, inspiring radio show giving voice to those who Protect Educate Aid Children Everywhere!

Call in @ 818-602-4929

Listen Wednesdays @ 11:00am PST on Channel 2 at!



Adrian Paul and Stephen Macht
Adrian Paul and Amanda Tapping

Click HERE to listen to archived radio shows

PEACE Fund Radio provides a platform for smaller charities to publicise their causes and in so doing share fundraising strategies with the not-for-profit community. It is also a platform for PEACE to publicise its own fundraising initiatives as well as highlighting inspirational PEACE Action Heroes - children and adults who set out to make a positive difference.

Peace Fund Radio is sponsored by Vic and Judy Speechley in memory of their daughter Victoria, who worked tirelessly for The PEACE Fund. RIP Victoria

Talk Radio/Peace Fund Facebook

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