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CANDELABRUM POETRY MAGAZINE (A5: 40pp: appears twice yearly, in April and October: ISSN 1470-8493) made its entrance onto the fringe poetry scene in April 1970, providing a much-needed platform for British poets working in traditionalist metrical and rhymed verse. Now (2002) into its eleventh volume, well established as Britain's longest standing traditionalist poetry magazine, attracting poets and poetry-lovers internationally, it has subscribers in Britain, the United States, Canada, New Zealand and Australia, 'whatever clime the sun's bright circle warms', where English is the mother-language or the principal language.

The editor specially welcomes metrical work, particularly with rhyme, but good quality free verse, and formal haiku and waka (tanka), are also considered.

Poems for consideration should be sent by post to:

M.L. McCarthy
The Red Candle Press
Rose Cottage
Main Road Threeholes
PE14 9JR

Authors should note that, although long poems are sometimes published in CPM, many such can't be accepted for a magazine of forty A5 pages, appearing twice a
year! Between three and six poems should be offered at one time. Please allow
about a month for a reply. IMPORTANT Intending contributors: please note (1) that multiple submissions are not considered for the magazine (2) that poems are published in Candelabrum subject to a gentlemen's agreement that they shall not be offered to any other British, US or Canadian magazine within the two years following their appearance in Candelabrum.

Please note that the author's name and address should be on each sheet of poetry.

A stamped and self-addressed envelope should be enclosed with the poems. Overseas authors should enclose a self-addressed envelope and IRC(s): one of the latter if they simply want a decision without the return of typescripts; otherwise four. Authors who prefer to get a reply by e-mail, without the return of their ts., should enclose either a first-class British stamp, or IRC or US dollar bill, to cover the cost of the call.

SUBSCRIPTION to Volume 11 (2002-2004) is  £15, or US$30.

Single copies cost  £3, or US$6. Sterling cheques should be made payable to The Red Candle Press. The RCP regrets that because of bank-charges it's unable to accept dollar cheques, but is always happy to accept US dollar bills.

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