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The Red Candle Treasury (Anthology) from 1948-1998. Edited by M.L. McCarthy

ISBN 0904216 22 5

An anthology of poems by one hundred and eighty poets active during the half-century 1948-1998 - a book to show that for melody, variety, imagination and formal sensuality in English poetry, the twentieth century in no way lagged behind the previous two centuries.

'This well presented pocket-book size collection of contemporary poetry is a real treasury of delight.'


'...  a marvellous collection .... the choice is a vibrant reminder of the beauty of our language, its nuances, solemnity, humour and magnitude.'
                                                                                        Alan Barrett, Poetry Editor LEXIKON

'... a beautiful little anthology ... a treasury to treasure!'

                                                                                               WILLIAM OXLEY

'...excellent ...this is my type of poetry'

Michael Moore, Editor ADVANCE

Orders for THE RED CANDLE TREASURY should be sent by mail to:

RCP, Rose Cottage
Main Road Threeholes
Cambridgeshire PE14 9JR

To save on administrative costs, payment should accompany the order. Special discount price on orders placed by viewers of this international advertisement: £6 - US$14. (Please quote reference GRTE.) Cheques should be made payable to The Red Candle Press.

Non-sterling payments should be in bills only, to avoid the bank charge.

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