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Malone's Character Galleries

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  (Rachel Gannon's Character Summary added 8/7)

**Nora Hannen Gannon Buchanan

**Andrew Carpenter

**Sloan Carpenter

**Kelly Cramer

**Blair Daimler

**Hank Gannon

**RJ Gannon

**Rachel Gannon

**Emily Haynes

 Carlo Hesser

**Rebecca Lewis

**Powell Lord

**Todd Manning

**Luna Moody Holden

  Alex Olanov

**Marty Saybrooke Thornhart

**Patrick Thornhart

 Andi Harrison Vega

**Antonio Vega

**Carlotta Vega

**Cristian Vega

**David Vickers

**Jason Webb

  Andrew Carpenter
The Rev. Andrew Carpenter was (and still is occasionally) portrayed by Wortham Krimmer.  The character of Andrew was created by Michael Malone in1991, but I didn't start watching OLTL until 1992, and immediately became hooked on the character of Andrew.  His first storyline involved Megan and Jake, and while I didn't get a chanceto see that, I'm sure it was wonderful.  The storyline that came after Megan/Jake involved an issue that involved most of the characters on OLTL.  It was Homophobia in Llanview.  This storyline involved Andrew's father, Sloan, Viki, Andrew's brother William (who had died of AIDS off camera), Marty Saybrooke (she spread rumors about Andrew making a pass at Billy Douglas when Andrew didn't return her affection), and Billy Douglas( and his fairly unsupportive family).  It led to a debate of Andrew's sexuality, and his desire for privacy.  It also utilized most of the cast as well, and culminated in a display of theNames Project AIDS Memorial Quilt.  That was truly one of OLTL's brightest moments.  I would be remiss if I didn't again mention Roy Thinnes who portrayed Sloan Carpenter, Andrew's father.  Sloan was a big part of Andrew's early years on OLTL, and seeing the relationship between Andrew and Sloan be rebuilt from a shaky foundation was very inspiring.
Andrew's early years on OLTL were spent with Cassie Callison, whom he married in 1993.  Cassie and Andrew didn't get to spend too much time being happy because Cassie lost her and Andrew's baby, William, during Dorian's orchestrated sexual harrassment suit against Sloan, involving college student Emily Haynes-who was the pawn that Dorian used in the suit.  Andrew had some powerful scenes with Dorian and I still remember when those two were in the hospital chapel right after Cassie lost the baby.  What wonderful acting we saw from Robin Strasser and Wortham Krimmer.
The loss of Andrew and Cassie's baby led to the saga of how River came to be a Carpenter, it also led to Cassie's breakdown, and at the same time led into Andrew and Marty sharing some very passionate kisses, before deciding that Andrew's marriage to Cassie was too important to jeopardize.  It was stories like this that kept me glued to my set during the early 1990's.  Some of the most heart-wrenching scenes Andrew had were with Marty, but he also had an undeniable chemistry with Cassie, portrayed by Laura Koffman.  Andrew and Cassie have remained my favorite couple on this show.
Cassie was willing to give up her marriage to Andrew for Kevin Buchanan several years after Malone was no longer head writer of OLTL. I often wonder how Michael Malone would have continued to write Andrew and Cassie Carpenter, had he not left the show.  I would like to think that he would have tried to keep Andrew and Cassie together, against the odds.  The passion that Andrew had was what truly drew me to him. He quickly became my favorite character that Michael Malone created.  He had a spark and even a subtle sexiness about him that I found very attractive. He also played the saxophone at Rodi's!  
Andrew's a very special character, and I truly am grateful to Michael Malone for creating one of the very few full-time religious characters on daytime.  Not only did Malone create Andrew Carpenter, he wrote storylines for him so that he was on the front-burner most of the time.  This changed during subsequent writing teams at OLTL. No other writers(other than the Labine's) did justice to Andrew Carpenter.  So thank you Michael Malone--you created many characters during your years as head-writer on OLTL--but Andrew Carpenter was the one who touched my heart the most.

  Sloan Carpenter
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  Kelly Cramer
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  Blair Daimler
I remember seeing Malibu Blair for the first time, she was a wearing a bikini.  I rolled my eyes and wondered how they could possibly sell THIS woman as Dorian Lord's troubled niece.  Almost 6' tall, blonde, gorgeous and, as my friend Candy said the other day, practically perfect.  This could not be the Blair that I knew before.  I was really sad about the whole thing.
I loved all that was Llanview, so I watched.  Malone's Blair- KassieDePaiva, who will always be MY Blair, stole my heart.  I may be short and brunette, but man, I saw her heart.  I felt her, I related to her. Malone's Blair was so hungry for love and feeling all the intensities that life had to offer that she went for it ALL, balls to the wall.  She LOVED balls to the wall, she went for REVENGE balls to the wall, she did it ALL with such an enthusiasm and a lust for EVERYTHING that I couldn't help but feel her.  Her enthusiasm was contagious to me. She was charming, witchy and fun.  Malone's Blair felt everything so intensely; the joy, the love, the sex! she reveled in it.  Malone's Blair was a wild thang full of passion and a lust for all that was life.  
What I learned as I watched her is that her enthusiasm for feeling was not as much that she actually felt all those things, it was her need to breakdown her own walls so she could feel.  Malone's Blair knew nothing about love or family, none of the things that we all learn growing up.  Hiding her feelings was her first nature, she learned as a child not to let herself feel, because whatever she loved would be taken away.  Eventually, it became an unconscious reaction in all of her relationships, in spite of her efforts to trust and open herself to those that she wanted to trust. Because ofher own fatal flaw; doing all the wrong things for the right reasons, she never quite succeeds.  Blair with Todd Manning's help, through his unconditional love for her, conquered those walls.  She learned to trust and to love, she has tasted the joy that one feels when totally in love and now she yearns to feel it again.

  Emily Haynes
Coming Soon!

  Hank Gannon
Michael Malone created the multi-dimensional character of Hank in the early 90s, and he has since become an integral part of the Llanview canvas as the District Attorney of Llantano County.  There is nothing shallow or transient about Henry Gannon (aka ‘Hank the Cannon Gannon’, a nickname from his college football-playing days) and that translates to both his relationships with friends and family, and to his commitment to his job as DA.

Hank has been a part of many a storyline since his introduction, but perhaps the best way to truly understand the character is to examine how he interacts with his ‘nearest and dearest’.  Hank shares a very special bond with his daughter Rachel, who he affectionately calls Rikki.  Although both are highly opinionated and independent, which results in frequent ‘personality clashes’, their relationship is solid.  Hank’s relationship with his ex-wife Nora is a refreshing change from the usual bitterness among exes; they are good friends, but opposites in character, which leads to some interesting verbal skirmishes, both in and out of the courtroom.  It is not hard to see both why they got married as college sweethearts and why their marriage didn’t work out in the long run.  Hank’s friendship with Bo Buchanan was not a foregone conclusion as, initially, Hank had an intense dislike for the ‘rich and snobby’ Buchanans and Bo had no real use for the intense and stubborn DA.  However, the friendship that evolved between these two men is so realistic that it is a treat to watch; they tease each other incessantly, but are always there to lend each other support without any fuss or fanfare.  The arrival in town of Hank’s brother RJ gave him many a headache (RJ tried to frame Hank for a crime he did not commit back in his college days as an activist, he blackmailed Hank’s fiancée Sheila Price, and he tried to ruin their wedding day by revealing old and buried family secrets).  However, the two brothers eventually formed an uneasy truce – Gannon family fact: only RJ actually calls Hank ‘Henry’ and it is always with a little smirk!

Hank is a constant in the Llanview judicial system; he has prosecuted almost every case that has come to trial since his arrival in town – the infamous Fraternity ‘Spring Fling’ rape case, Dorian Lord’s trial for the murder of her husband Victor Lord, the case against Andy Harrison for the sale of illegal guns in Angel Square, Antonio Vega’s trial for the murder of mob kingpin Carlo Hesser… and the list continues.  Hank is always precise, to the point, and forceful in his arguments.  He may not always win every case and he is not even always right (although that is something he doesn’t always care to admit!), but he always fights for what he believes to be the truth.

Henry Gannon is a man of integrity and strength, truly someone who a person can depend on for some sound, rational advice.  Bull-headed and opinionated to a high degree, he still manages to have a great sense of humour and even a touch of vulnerability when it comes to the people closest to him.  Malone’s Hank is a true warrior of the nineties, fighting against injustice and prejudice - both in and out of the courtroom.

  Nora Hannen Gannon Buchanan
In late 1992, OLTL writer Michael Malone gave the soap world a unique heroine in the character of Nora Gannon. An intelligent and independent career woman, sharp, feisty, and not at all afraid to stand up for what she believes in, Nora soon became an integral part of the Llanview canvas. Her ties to the community are strong - the reason she first came to town was in an attempt to build a closer relationship with her daughter Rachel, her ex-husband Hank is the DA of Llantano County, her client list grew rapidly…
…and she soon fell in love. It is almost inevitable; when fans think of Nora, Bo comes to mind, and vice versa. Bo and Nora’s unique and endearing love story has made the couple a mainstay of OLTL. Also, due to her relationship with Bo, viewers have seen the softer side of Nora; aside from the 'legal crusader', she is also (to quote Nora herself) "a woman who needs her hugs and her kisses", a warm and tender woman with a lot of love to give. Although it caught both of them slightly off guard, in Bo Buchanan, Nora has found her soulmate. They are the epitome of a modern couple - two fiercely independent people who don’t need another to be complete, but who are two halves of one whole all the same. Bo and Nora have shown us how uncomplicated love can be if you find the right person.
Nora’s sense of humour adds to her charm; she is truly someone who can laugh at the world, and at herself if need be. She is also a great believer in living your life to the fullest, with a unique mix of seriousness and fun, something that was readily apparent when Little Richard officiated at her 1995 wedding to Bo. Also, in a medium where spirituality and religion don’t often come into play, the fact that Nora is Jewish is rarely forgotten. From celebrating Hanukkah to being married in an inter-faith ceremony by both a minister and a rabbi, we have often been reminded of Nora’s faith in many little ways. She is like many of us – sometimes too busy to be devoutly religious, but never straying too far from what she believes.
As a lawyer, and as a human being, Nora is honest and principled, but sometimes faces dilemmas that remind us that the world is not black and white, but composed of many shades of grey. It wasn’t long after her arrival in Llanview that Nora faced her greatest professional challenge -the rape trial of Marty Saybrooke. What started out as a straightforward case soon turned into a moral dilemma and led Nora to make a stand for what she believed in at the risk of losing her career. Nora has certainly been plagued with her share of misfortune in the small town of Llanview, P.A. From falsely believing that she had caused the death of Sarah Buchanan, to a brain tumour that caused her to go temporarily blind, to being stalked by a rapist at an isolated beach house - Nora has always been a survivor.
Nora is not a fictional character like any other as we have been lucky enough to actually get to know her as we would a close friend. For instance, any long-time viewer knows that Nora has a favourite old worn green sweater that she wears around the house, that she loves rock n’ roll and junk food, that she's a fantastic dance partner, and that she can’t cook at all.  With her mixture of strength, vulnerability, love, and fun, Nora Hannen Gannon Buchanan has become very real to the viewing audience of OLTL - this character either reminds us of someone we know or is someone we would like to meet one day.

  RJ Gannon
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  Rachel Gannon
In 1992, Ellen Bethea first joined the OLTL cast in the role of Rachel Gannon.  As an African-American Jewish woman, Malone's Rachel was truly a unique character for daytime television, and the character soon found her way into the hearts of the viewers.
Rachel had strong opinions about right and wrong, and always followed her heart.  Her involvement in an inter-racial relationship with Kevin Buchanan infuriated her father Hank and served as a reminder that prejudice has many forms.  Rachel and Kevin faced many other obstacles (such as Kevin’s custody fight for his son Duke and his arrest and trial for the gang rape of Marty Saybrooke), but these only served to strengthen their relationship.  When Rachel first met Dr. Ben Price, she wasn’t impressed with the cocky young doctor.  However, her gratitude to him for saving her mother’s sight by performing a risky surgery soon softened her outlook and Ben eventually succeeded in charming Rachel away from Kevin.
Rikki, as her father affectionately calls her, has always had strong familial bonds.  While she didn’t always agree with her parents, she always had tremendous love and respect for them.  And her love and belief in her uncle RJ, often against the advice of everyone in Llanview, resulted in a very special relationship between them.  However, those family ties were threatened when the pressure to succeed academically in law school – pressure that she perceived as coming from her parents – eventually led her to drugs (and cost her her relationship with Ben).  It took a long time, and lots of love and support from her family, but Rachel eventually beat her addiction.
Michael Malone’s Rachel Gannon was a bright, charming, and very independent young woman with a great sense of both humour and honour.  While each successive writing regime – as well as a revolving door of actresses – have tried to reformulate the character, it was Michael Malone and Ellen Bethea who brought us the Rachel that we grew to care about, the one we laughed and cried with – the one we will never forget.

  Andi Harrison Vega
The character of Andrea Harrison Vega was not created by Michael Malone or first played by Wendee Pratt, but it was the collaboration of writer and actress that brought her to life-gaining the hearts of Antonio Vega and her many fans.  
Andy Vega was brought back to Llanview by Michael Malone as a recast.  Blonde,cute, slim Wendee Pratt was girl next door pretty and perky.  But there was an overlying layer of sadness that colored her performance.  Malone intended her to be a middle class heroine.  A blue collar cop who had overcome an abusive marriage to a rich man and who came back to Llanview to reconnect with her brother Max and start a new life.  I loved her instantly.  Malonian Andy was not your usual soap heroine.  She was loving, honest, optimistic and loyal.  She was never cruel, she didn't maniulate, nag, pout or whine.  She wasn't glamorous.  She drank beer and wore blue jeans, but put her in a little black dress and watch a grown man melt.  She liked rock and roll and wore her hair long and straight.  She played a mean game of pool, but couldn't dance very well. She was a straight arrow with a quiet sense of humor and a good heart.  She didn't try to mask her weaknesses or apologize for her strengths.  She was passionate and fun, but also quiet and shy.  She was gentle.  She was spunky.  Above all-she was nice. Yes, nice.  A rare trait in real life, let alone the"Reel" life of
She showed up on Max's doorstep, newly divorced and surprisingly dressed in LPD blue!  We learned Andy had become the victim of horrible domestic violence and had bravely left Hunter and started a new life by joining the police academy and accepting Police Commisioner Bo Buchanan's job offer to join the LPD.  As Bo's protege, she helped with the serial rapist case and was also assigned to walk the beat in Angel Square, a section of East Llanview, the poorer side of town, with a high Hispanic population.  Andy drifted in Llanview for a year while Malone tried to find a place for this character, befriending her sister in law, Luna Moody and harboring a crush on Luna's brother Dylan.  She dated fledgling reporter Kevin Buchanan and also befriended medical student Marty Saybrooke.  And in Angel Square she met and mingled with Carlotta and Cristian Vega, a loving family trying to stay afloat.  But it wasn't until Bo assigned Andy to a special undercover assignment to flush out the dirty cop who was selling stolen guns to the flourishing teenage gangs in Angel Square that this character came alive.
The aura of sadness that blanketed the character fell away when she was paired with ex-con and ex resident of Angel Square- Antonio Vega.  And for better or for worse, for the rest of Andy's tenure in Llanview, it was her relationship with Antonio with which she was identified and which she grew and which she became a stronger, more mature human being.  When Andy met Antonio, it was a collision of wills.  They didn't like or trus tone another.  But they had to live with each other to do the job Bo set them to do; find out who was selling guns to kids-and causing the loss of lives.  Andy wanted to prove herself to Bo and also to this skeptical young man. Mutual respect, affection even, happened when Antonio found out Andy's trusted partner, Manzo, was the dirty cop.  Andy at first balked and turned on Antonio, but then, with her own suspicions, made a deal with Antonio to set Manzo up and see if he took the bait. All hell broke loose when Manzo realized Andy and Antonio were working fo rBo, and he set up Andy to look like the dirty cop. Antonio was stabbed while attempting to create a peace treaty between the two rival gangs, and Andy shot a gang member who was about to kill Antonio's brother Cristian.  Antonio ended up in the hospital with a stab wound, but was alive. But, Manzo made it look like the teen Andy shot was unarmed and made Andy and Antonio look as if they were selling the guns.  
Andy went on trial for murder AND for being the accused gun runner, with Antonio being set up as her lover-accomplice.  Throughout her trial,evidence piled up, and Antonio and Dylan tried to convince Linda, a local girl who liked Antonio, to come forward with the truth- that Ice Dixon had a gun and Andy shot him to save another's life.  But, Linda Soto didn't come forward.  Andy was forced to watch Antonio talk and flirt with Linda, as he thought she was seeing Dylan, and she didn't know he was trying to get Linda to testify for her until right before the verdict.  When she found out that he was trying to help her,she confronted him and tried to connect with him about their fears, he kissed her for the first time, but both were confused and taken aback by the intensity of their feelings. Andy was the brave one and resisted Antonio's attempts to get her to go on the run together.  Moral Andy loved Antonio, but felt truth would win out.  She even convinced him to stay and support her, despite the fact that he would be sent back to prison too if she were
Eventually(a day later) the verdict was overturned with Bo and Linda tricking Manzo into confessing and Andy and Antonio were released.  The next few months were devoted to Antonio and Andy slowly building up a relationship.  Seven months after they met- they made love, and from that day forth, Antonio and Andy were fully committed to one another.  
Andy was kept in the dark by Antonio about his bank loan from shark RJGannon, as he didn't want her to be compromised in her job.  He was proud that Bo had promoted her to his star detective after the trial ended and didn'twant her to be troubled or torn for him.  When the writing staff changed, Andy did too--this previous strong, secure woman became a woman who was willing to distort her values for her lover.  The woman who, madly in love withAntonio, refused to run away with him when she was about to be convicted of murder,was now begging him to stay with her, despite his mob world ties and descent into cynicism when his first attempt to overturn his conviction was turned down.  But somehow, despite the various regimes who abused, neglected, misunderstood and ignored Andy, Wendee Pratt managed to maintain a dignity about her, brought on no doubt, by the memory of a writer who cared about women,about love, about romance and about hope.  Malone had many ideas for the characters of Andy Harrison, I think, he believed in this normal woman who found herself and was making herself a better human being through love. He started the Andy and Antonio romance, which became the backbone of her character, with her as the center. The undercover operation, the trial, the long, old fashioned, yet sexy courtship with Antonio-under Malone, they were shown mainly from her point of view....that of a woman who was desperately in love, but who wouldn't settle for anything but truth and real emotion from her intended lover.  A woman who loved but wouldn't use wiles or lies or manipulations to get a declaration of love, a woman who made her stubborn, hard headed, sexy boyfriend woo the best sense of the word...and through this gentle wooing, get to know one another and grow closer than mere physical release would have done so early in the relationship.  Malonian Andy made me believe in love. And made me believe that the power of a person's love, the power of a person's belief in another human being could make life wonderful, and worth living.  Malonian Andy is out there somewhere...over the phone lines of the current OLTL still making me believe in these noble goals.  I miss her.

  Carlo Hesser
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  Rebecca Lewis
Rebecca Lewis arrived in Llanview with Angela Holliday as a part of the 'Tabernacle of Joy'.  An orphan, she spent most of her life bouncing from one foster home to another, until she ran away around the age of 15 or 16.  It was at this time that Angela became a surrogate mother to the troubled young girl, and through her, Rebecca developed a deep faith and devotion to God.  This faith led her to start a prison outreach program at Statesville, where she met convicted rapist, Todd Manning.
Despite their outward differences, the Todd and Rebecca became close as they shared their painful childhoods with one another.  When Todd escaped from prison, he turned to Rebecca for sanctuary. She hid Todd at the old Tabernacle, and they grew even closer during this time.  After awhile, it became apparent to Rebecca that Todd was not the 'Born Again Christian' he told her he was, and though she felt hurt and betrayed by his ruse, she continued helping him.  Todd became gravely ill, and Rebecca tried to convince him to turn himself in.  When he refused, she went to Hank Gannon herself and pled for leniancy for Todd in exchange for his whereabouts.  When Hank and the LPD came to take Todd, he reacted violently, and took Rebecca as a hostage in order to escape.  Todd took her to his mother and step-father's old summer home on Mt Joy to hide out.  It was here that Rebecca first told Todd she loved him.  Scared, she gave a vague clue to a worried Angela, whom Todd let her call on the phone.  Bo and Powell found the pair, and Todd was presumed dead when he fell into an icy river.  Rebecca was crushed at the thought of Todd's death, but her mourning soon turned to shame as the 'good' citizens of Llanview made her feel it was wrong to love someone like Todd Manning.  She began dating Powell Lord, the 'good' frat brother, and her heart began healing from her experience with Todd.
However, like the proverbial Phoenix, Todd rose from the dead, and came back to claim Rebecca. Though it was obvious she still loved Todd, she resisted her feelings and told him they had no future.  In the coming months, though she would continue to hotly deny her feelings for Todd, she found it impossible to completely stay away.  She felt she was all Todd had, and at the time, she truly was the only person on the 'outside' who cared about him.  When he was pardoned some months later, she found it increasingly difficult to keep up her charade of only wanting to 'help' Todd as he pursued her ardently.  Her reactions to his overtures became increasingly emotional as her true feelings came closer to the surface, and when Todd propsed to her one night on the LU campus, she told him that he frightened her 'more than he knew.'  Upset, Todd went to work at the hospital and trashed the employee lounge in a violent rage, terrorizing a nurse in the process. When that same nurse was raped that night, Todd was the number one suspectm though it was later revealed that Powell Lord was, in fact, the perpetrator.
In spite of her turbulent upbringing, Rebecca was a loving, kind, trusting soul, and she saw the good in everyone, including Todd, which would cause a great deal of conflict in her life and heart. Though she showed a remarkable faith in others' capacities of 'goodness', she lacked that same faith in herself. She was, at times, very shy, and she constantly sought approval from 'good' people. This need to be deemed a good and worthy person overshadowed everything else in her life, especially after being betrayed by two people that she cared for very, very deeply-Angela and Todd.  When Powell was discovered as the Hospital Rapist, it devastated her.  Shattered, she left Llanview after finally admitting to Todd that she loved him all along.

  Powell Lord
Coming Soon!

  Todd Manning
What do you say about a character that is arguably Michael Malone’s greatest gift to Llanview?   Todd Manning was an unrepentant, irredeemable rapist with an attitude that wouldn’t stop.  He was a predator in the beginning; cunning, lethal, cold as ice and just little bit psycho.  I had nightmares about Todd Manning.  Then the most horrible thing of all happened, I got sucked in by him along with a huge number of OLTL fans who didn’t want this unrepentant, irredeemable psycho to leave us.  There was something about him…. that something was Roger’s portrayal.
Malone was a writer who loved to give the fans what they wanted.  Todd Manning was that sweet moment of zen between a writer and an actor.  Malone created a beautiful, yet masterfully bittersweet conflict in Todd’s dark soul, a sadness that would never leave.  He opened his heart to, CJ and Sarah and we saw his humanity.  Todd understood what he’d done to Marty because Powell Lord made it real for him.  The cocky frat boy who felt immortal, who felt entitled; became the powerless, the hunted… He understood Marty’s pain when Powell Lord forced him to taste her fear. It was Todd’s turning point, the moment that it all came together and Todd would never be the   same.
He loved Rebecca like a bull in a china shop loves a delicate figurine.  She was good, she was kind and she was pure of heart.  He was amazed that such a beautiful, innocent creature could love one such as him.  She humbled him, she made him yearn to live and be worthy of her love. She left him because of her fear, and he accepted it.  He knew who he was and he knew what he was.  He wanted her beautiful heart to save him, but of course, she couldn’t.  Malone’s Todd learned early on that he could not be redeemed by anybody, no matter how much he yearned for it.
Blair Daimler crept into Todd Manning’s heart, as he did hers. Two souls who’d never known love for it’s own sake came together and their walls fell down.  Todd and Blair saw in each other that need for the unconditional love that neither had ever had.  They offered their hearts to each other; because no one else could bear their intensities, their excesses and their tragic need for unconditional love.  They stole each other’s hearts like the thieves that they both were, and neither one ever completely let go because of who they were.  
Todd Manning’s Malonian journey was about learning.  Todd learned that he could not be redeemed by love, but that his tortured soul was comforted by it.  He learned that love was not just about feeling the joy, but it was about feeling the pain.  He learned that walking through this world alone, without the comfort of love, was a prison more real and more inescapable than even Statesville with it’s walls and bars.

  Luna Moody Holden
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  Alex Olanov
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  Marty Saybrooke Thornhart
Marty Saybrooke made her first appearance as a fellow lupus patient of Megan Gordon's. She was a wild, rude, Llanview University student, a substance abuser whose self-destructive exterior masked the vulnerable orphaned child inside. Her insecurity drew her to the Rev. Andrew Carpenter, whose rejection of her she repaid by spreading lies that he was having an affair with a teenaged boy. The resulting scandal almost destroyed both Marty and Andrew, but Andrew's heartfelt forgiveness shamed Marty into examining her own actions and taking her first shaky steps on the path towards self-awarness.
However,she took two steps backward for every step forward, and her emotional attachment to Andrew almost caused another scandal; fortunately, Andrew's then-wife Cassie stepped in to save Marty from public humiliation.  Marty managed to form mutually supportive friendships with the good-hearted Jason Webb and Suede Pruitt, but her needy relationship with abusive fellow student Todd Manning almost destroyed her when he led a gang rape against her. Marty's courageous struggle back from total despair was heartbreaking, but she persevered, bringing Todd to justice in the process and earning support from old and new friends.
After a long healing process, during which Marty grew into a caring, responsible medical student, she found peace for a time with bartender/community activist Dylan Moody, the brother of her spiritual friend Luna Moody, and came to terms with her past with Todd. Marty ended her relationship with Dylan when she saw his need to work in a violent area as being stronger than his concern for her need for safety, and she took a trip to Ireland-both to get away and to confront her Aunt Kiki, who had been plundering Marty's trust funds. On the Irish island of Inishcrag, Marty met her destiny when she came into unexpected contact with the heroic Patrick Thornhart, an innocent man on the run from the Men of 21, an Irish terrorist group, whose life she saved and who would transform her life -a poet and teacher of literature who would teach Marty the meaning of true love. Yet, terrified of her love for Patrick, Marty returned to Dylan and they married, though she could not deny her real feelings for long. After overcoming many almost insurmountable obstacles, including Dylan's paralysis and a terrorist incident of his own in Patrick's past, Marty wed Patrick in a ceremony atop Llantano Mountain. Their joy was cut short by Irish terrorists-unleashed by Todd. Patrick was shot and presumed dead. Now a full-fledged doctor, Marty hid the truth of Patrick's survival, and orchestrated their escape from Llanview to Ireland to begin a new life together-free of their painful pasts and to await the birth of their child in peace.

  Patrick Thornhart
When Patrick Thornhart burst through the door of the Wild Swan Inn on the Irish isle of Inishcrag, he was a hunted man.  In carrying out the dying request of his former lover, Irish Special Branch Agent Siobhan Connelly, to meet Inspector Eamon Quilligan there and deliver to him a piece of blood-splattered sheet music, the innocent Patrick found himself pursued by mysterious gunmen. He would later learn that the music was the key to a complex terrorist plot, known as the Men of 21, that would ultimately hound him all the way to Llanview. On Inishcrag, Patrick’s desperation led him to seek help from visiting Llanview resident Marty Saybrooke – an action that sealed both his romantic and personal fates as he gave her his heart in the midst of danger. When Marty’s acquaintance, Todd Manning, arrived from Llanview to fly Marty home, she asked Todd to help Patrick. When Todd was mistaken for Patrick, shot, and left for dead, Patrick risked life and limb by using Todd’s passport to follow Marty to Llanview, discovering on the way that he himself had been falsely accused of killing Inspector Quilligan.  
Now the target of another manhunt in Llanview, Patrick subsequently turned himself in to the authorities. Although Llanview Police Commissioner Bo Buchanan became convinced of Patrick’s innocence, Patrick’s life was still in turmoil as he incurred the wrath of Todd’s "widow" Blair, suffered Marty’s marriage to her former lover Dylan Moody, risked death by helping Bo investigate the Men of 21 (and discover that once and future mobster Carlo Hesser was its mastermind), became a teacher at Llanview U, and was stranded on a deserted island with Marty following an attempt on his life by Carlo. After Marty rejected him a second time to stay with the now paralyzed Dylan, Patrick fathered the not-so-widowed-after-all Blair Manning’s child (tragically killed before birth) during a passionate moment in their relationship and, when terrorist activity related to the Men of 21 returned to Llanview, he admitted his youthful participation in a terrorist incident that the returned-from-the-dead (and vengeful) Todd’s machinations had revealed. This incident came back to haunt Patrick even more on the day that he finally married Marty, who had divorced a recovered Dylan and was pregnant with Patrick's child. In saving the Manning family – Todd, his and Blair's daughter Starr, and new wife Teá -- from an attack on them by his former terrorist associate, Michael Mahoney, thus squaring the debt he felt he owed to Todd for saving his life on Inishcrag, Patrick was believed to have lost his own life.  But Marty, now a doctor, had secretly spirited her still-alive new husband away to a new life in Ireland…where the Thornharts live happily ever after on a piece of land in the green hills of County Kildare, in a home built by Patrick with roses tangled thick over the red front door, with a beloved daughter who looks exactly like her mother.

  Antonio Vega
Antonio showed up on the One Life to Live scene as a convict with a chip on his shoulder as big as a boulder!  But as his early conversations with Bo Buchanan showed, he had a depth of feeling that was intriguing.  As we saw his concern and love for his brother, Cris, develop- we began to see another side of Antonio, he showed us a vulnerability that was endearing. But the true depth of his personality began to emerge when he was released from jail to help Officer Andy Harrison with an undercover job for the police. We watched as he began to try and reconnect with his mother, protect his brother, and as he began to work closely with Andy.
As the gun smuggling undercover job developed and unraveled and finally led to murder charges against Andy, we saw the deep feelings that Antonio had developed for this gringa cop. As the trial proceeded, Antonio's feelings for Andy deepened until finally, right at the end of her trial, he began to express those feelings- first, in a heartfelt kiss in the country club stables, and later on the rooftop of the Palace hotel-as Antonio haltingly told Andy how he felt about her.
But, alas, Andy was convicted and went to jail and Antonio's parole was revoked and he was sent back to Statesville.  Finally,  with the help of Bo Buchanan, Linda Soto, and Nora Buchanan, the charges against Antonio and Andy were dropped and Antonio was able to begin life anew in Llanview. In one of their many heartfelt conversations, Antonio revealed to Andy that he always had wanted to be a lawyer, but because of his conviction he was unable to pursue that dream. From that time on, it became Antonio and Andy'squest to overturn that conviction so that Antonio could pursue a career as an attorney.
But things were never to be easy for Antonio, he ran into trouble trying to secure a loan for the diner he wanted to buy for his mother. After pursuing every avenue, Antonio finally went to RJ Gannon for a loan- keeping this information from everyone he cared about. But even as his financial problems spiraled, his personal life flourished. Antonio re-established a relationship with his mother and brother, began to work for Nora Buchanan as a law clerk, and, best of all, entered into a loving relationship with Andy Harrison.
Michael Malone's Antonio had so many interesting characteristics-he was loyal, intelligent, street smart but naive at times, distrustful towards most, but for those he cared about he laid it all on the line, brooding, funny, self righteous, and most of all- so full of love for the people in his life that he was willing to let into his heart- his mother, Cris, and most of all Andy. Antonio was flawed, intense, deep and best of all SO real. Cheers to Michael Malone for giving One Life to Live viewers this terrific character.

  Carlotta Vega
Carlotta Vega was introduced to us as Dorian Lord's maid.  She was a working class single mother that managed to shine amidst Llanview's wealthiest people.  Her husband had died and left her with many medical bills and a young son, Christian, to support by herself.  She had been devastated by the death of her beloved Diego, who suffered a stroke after learning the news that their oldest son Antonio had been arrested for murder.  Antonio sent to prison and her husband gone, a heartbroken Carlotta went to work for Dorian.  Although faced with many heatbreaks, she clearly she hadn't lost her spirit.  She handled Dorian and Dorian's then husband- David Vickers like no one else ever had.  She could see through Dorian's facade and there were many, many times when she was Dorian's only friend.
In her own life, she was desperately trying to keep the ways of the world's prejudice from turning her sweet, innocent Christian to the world of violent gangs as it had his brother.  Strong and independent, she stood up to the gangs and to Christian, saying she would give up her life if it meant keeping her son out of the gangs in Angel Square.
It wasn't long before this beautiful woman caught the eye of Clint Buchanan. They were on opposite sides of the fence it seemed, but their children, Jessica and Christian, had formed a lasting bond that neither of them seemed willing to break.  Clint had been trying to get over his love for Viki Buchanan when he began to notice Dorian's maid.  On the surface it looks as though Viki and Carlotta are complete opposites.  One was born a WASP with a silver spoon in her mouth, while the other was born a poor Puerto Rican immigrant.  On the other hand, it is easy to see why Clint was hopelessly attracted to her--just like Viki, she was beautiful, intelligent, strong, proud, independent and fiercely loyal.  The two women are more similar in character than probably anyone in daytime and yet, at first glance, they are complete opposites.That was the magic and genius of Michael Malone.
Unfortunately, without Malone's vision, this wonderful, unique to daytime character of Carlotta and the sweet romance between she and Clint suffered.  Had Malone remained with the show, Carlotta would most certainly be a major character.

  Cristian Vega
Christian Vega was the son of Puerto Rican immigrants Carlotta and Diego Vega.  His dream was to someday become a famous artist, and although he is not short on talent, his working class background has made the dream seem impossible at times.
His mother, following the death of his father, had to work as a maid to support him.  His brother, Antonio, whom he idolized, joined a gang and was later sent to prison.  However, he never lost sight of who he was or the values he had been taught by his mother.  He has an extremely strong sense of right and wrong and an inherent sweetness about him. That sweetness is probably what attracted Jessica Buchanan to him.  The two connected right away and became inseperable.  They faced many obstacles...prejudice from friends at school on both sides of the Llanview river, and their parents-who were against the relationship between Jessica and Cris because they knew how difficult it would be for them coming from different worlds as they had, but Clint and Carlotta could not deny their own attraction for each other and neither could their children.
Christian's fierce loyalty to his mother, his brother, and always to Jessica defined his character under the pen of Malone.  Unfortuantely his real potential has never been realized because no one else has understood any of the Vegas as well as Malone.

  David Vickers
David first came to town when Dorian was sent to death row.  He brought Irene Manning’s diary (which tunred out to be a fake)  The diary contained the "earth shattering" revelation that Irene was the one who killed Victor and that she had another son with him, which David claimed to
The problem started when David met his "sister" Tina Lord and they fell in love with each other. After sleeping with Tina at Viki’s cabin (even though Tina believed that she was David's sister--ewww!) David admitted to her that he wasn’t her real brother, but that he was only running a scam so that he could lay claim to the money Victor left to his long lost son.  Tina cooperated with him and the two got married in Las Vegas.
Unfortunately, Dorian found out that Todd Manning was the real Lord heir and went to tell Viki.   After Viki found out the truth, on of her alters emerged (Jean).  "Jean"  forced David to divorce Tina and have nothing to do with her any more, otherwise she’d(Jean) go to the police.  She also forced him to marry Dorian-who despised him.
As Dorian’s new husband, David lived with her and her niece, Kelly Cramer, in her mansion.  Kelly started falling in love with David and wanted him to be her "first"(wink, wink).  Dorian suspected that David would have an affair and just as David and Kelly were in bed (nothing happened) Dorian broke into the room with a photographer to take a picture of her new hubby in an illicit adulterous situation.  
She was horrified to find Kelly with him there.  Dorian promised David three-fourths of her property if he’d leave Kelly alone and divorce her.  Of course, being Dorian, she didn’t intend to keep that promise.
Dorian schemed with her other niece, Blair,  and hatched a plan in which Blair would lure David into sleeping with her, would cover his eyesand tie him to the bed.  After excuting the plan, Dorian switched places with Blair and slept with her husband while Todd Manning took pictures of them (without seeing Dorian’s face) and published it in his paper.  David was forced to give Dorian a divorce without getting a thing out of it.
However, David didn't intend to go away quietly, and promptly thought of a way to get back at Dorian--by taking Kelly's virginity.  He went after Kelly (who was no longer in love with him) and when he tried to make a pass at her, she hit him on the head with a lamp and carried his body to the woods-thinking she had killed him.  But, this being classic soap opera, David wasn't actually dead, and returned, kidnapping Kelly and tying her to a bed in Dorian’s yacht.  He asked Dorian for a ransom.  As he was leaving the yacht to fully implement his plan, he failed to notice that a fire had started.  Fortunately for Kelly, Joey Buchanan came to her rescue and before the police could get their hands on David,  he quickly left town with Ex-mayor Liz McNamara.

  Jason Webb
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** character was created by Michael Malone